How many Cars does John Cena Own?

john cena cars

Apart from being a very big wrestler and an actor in the world, John Cena is a big fan of cars too. He like to collect cars and you can often see him riding some of the best cars in the world. But how many cars does he own? And what are some of the best cars in his collections? Well, let us go deep into it today. But before that, Let us take a look at reasons why John Cena loves cars so much.

Why does John Cena love cars?

Cena learned to drive cars when he was just 14. His dad taught him and he started driving John Cena Sr’s 1984 Cadillac. The car got seized up though and later Cena got a 1970 Chevy Nova as his first real car. After graduating high school, John Cena kind of started driving Limos in a part time basis and this fueled his love for cars even more.

After joining WWE and becoming a world famous star, Money started coming into John’s pockets so, he started collecting cars. He has had many cars with him over the years. He owns some of the best cars in the world. Cena likes the American cars the most and like a true patriot, he owns classic American cars.

How many Cars does John Cena Own?

Right now, John Cena has more than 20 cars in his garage. These cars have different spec sheets and features but one thing remains the same, the cars are really great.

Before joining the WWE, Cena used to live in his car. In 1999, he was living out of his Lincoln Continental and he got into wrestling just some years later. His first purchase was a 1989 Jeep Wrangler that he purchased after signing his first WWE Contract.

Wrestlers in WWE generally spend most of their times on road, travelling from one city to another. John Cena, being the big star, had first class travel from WWE. Still, Cena preferred driving to shows with his 1971 AMC Hornet. He owned that car for 3 years.

Cena also owns cars such as the ’69 Carousel Pontiac, ’70 Cardinal Red Pontiac, ’71 Black Pontiac and more. The reality is that the ’70 GTO was actually the first muscle car that John Bought.

Most of these cars have been sold or exchanged though. There are many great cars in his garage still. Cars such as Ford GT and Mustang. Let us take a look at all the cars that Cena owns.

Best Cars in John Cena’s Garage right now

Cena, in an interview, revealed that he just doesn’t buy cars to buy them. He enjoys them. Cena said that each one of his cars have a story. Out of the list of cars that Cena owns, there are five cars that he loves the most and these cars have been in his garage for the longest time. Let us take a look.

2017 Ford GT

John-Cena with his Ford

The 2017 Ford GT is the best car that John Cena purchased in the year 2017. The car is pretty expensive too. It cost cena $400,000. Yes, John Cena could’ve bought a small property for that money. But the millionaire wrestler does enjoy his cars so, the price tag might be worth it.

Cena makes smart investments in limited edition cars.  The Ford GT has a boatload of features that includes a V6 engine. The engine is capable of generating a 650 HP power which is pretty nice.

There was quite a commotion with the car too. Cena actually sold this car in 2018 but since this was a limited edition car, Cena got sued by Ford. The company argued that the individuals who were selected to buy the Ford GT were not allowed to sell the car for 2 years. Cena violated this term and was sued for $75,000.

1966 Dodge Charger 426

The Doge Charger 426 built in the year 1966 is a vintage car. This vehicle sits in Cena’s driveway and it has brought him much joy. The Dodge Charger is the first generation of it’s kind and this makes it a very cool vehicle to have in his possession. The V8 engine here is a 5.2 liter one and this is supported by a 3 speed transmission system. The car delivers 425 HP of power. The car did not sell that well when it was first released but it later gained cult following and these days, it is pretty difficult to get one.

2009 Corvette ZR1

The Corvette ZR1 from 2009 has a 6.2 liter motor with a power of amore than 600 HP. This car is an amazing piece of machinery. It has great handling, braking system and motors.  This is a dream car if you are a car lover. Cena got this vehicle and it surprised a lot of his fans.

John is not a really big fan of Corvettes. He even said that he just flat out did not like Corvettes in a 2009 interview.  But later he corrected himself and said the ZR1 model is a big exception and that he loves this car very much.

1971 Ford Torino GT

As you might have guessed, Cena is a big fan of Ford motors. He owns a lot of cars from Ford. The 1971 Ford GT is one of his favorite cars of all time. This is a very different car as it was manufactured in the late 60s and early 70s for just 8 years.

Over the years, the car had different types of engines but it was the cobra-jet variant that really attracted Cena and you can see why that is the case. This engine is pretty powerful and it features the V8 engine which has impressive capabilities. Add to that, the design of the car is top notch as well.

This car has an exterior design which is impressive and the external color scheme is incredible too. Interior wise, the car has comfortable seats and this is another reason why Cena got this car in the first place.

Anyway, John Cena has other cars as well. He owns a lot of heavy duty cars and common passenger cars as well. He also owns some really expensive car and has a huge garage for it.

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