Where Is Joe Machi Now? About His Personal Life

Joe Machi

Joe Machi is an American comedian that particularly does stand up. He is popular for his performances on Last Comic Standing on Comedy Central and Fox News.

He also performs regularly in the NYC Comedy Clubs such as Stand Up New York and Caroline. Joe Machi is also a television personality and he has appeared in a slew of hit TV shows. Machi has also toured all over the country and even overseas.

Joe Machi Biography: Age, Education

Joe Machi was born in the State of Pennsylvania on the 23rd of June 1979. He is an American and currently, he is 41 years of age. Machi is the son of Frank Machi and Catherine Machi. His father was a store manager (now retired) and his mother worked as a teacher at a catholic school.

He is a very locally famous comedian in New York and he completed his degree from Penn State University.

He also did his schooling in the State College Area School. Machi later moved out of his hometown and went to  New York for pursuing his career.

Machi has now toured all over the USA and has even headlined a show in China which is a huge thing. Joe has an average height of 5 feet 10 inches tall and his body has a bit of an overweight build.

Net Worth

Joe Machi has a great career as a Standup comedian and he has earned tons of money. While a lot of journalists speculate that his net worth is at around $1 million, others say that the stand-up comedian is worth as high as $14 million.

We guess his net worth is under that range. His main income comes from TV appearances and stand-up performances.

He is also active over major social media sites where he has managed to gather thousands of followers.

Joe Machi TV Shows and Career


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Joe has become a part of incredibly hit shows such as Last comic standing. He also appeared on Red Eye along with Greg and Kat.

Furthermore, he appears every once in a while on The Greg Gutfeld Show. Joe is considered as one of the fastest-rising comedians around and he has been doing the stand-up thing for a while now.

He is based outside of New York mostly but he comes around to NY when he has to do a show. So far, Joe has done pretty well for himself. He has toured the country and went to China in 2017 as well.

Besides comedy, he also does Podcasts with fellow comedians and He even has a YouTube channel where he posts standup clips. He has also won several awards for his outstanding comedy performances in major New York events.

Is Joe Machi he married?

Joe Machi is often considered gay but that may not be the case. He has openly admitted to being gay on Just for Laughs but we don’t know if it was a joke or reality.

The comedian actually had a girlfriend earlier but sadly, the pair couldn’t work out. So, as of 2021, Joe is still single. He is not in a relationship with anyone.

Is Joe Machi Gay?

Joe has not revealed anything about his sexual orientation or sexuality but why do most people think he’s gay or transgender if he has not revealed anything about his sexuality?

Rumors started after he did a comedy show where he talked about “Telling Your Parents You’re Gay” at Just For Laughs Digital. Since it was a comedy show we can’t say that Joe is gay or transgender because of his jokes however what really adds fuel to the rumor is his private or secret relationship status.

Is He Active on Social Media?

Being one of the well-known stand-up comedians, Joe is indeed active on various social media including Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, and has a huge fan following.


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He joined Twitter in February 2009 and he has more than 40k followers, just like I mentioned, he also has a Facebook page that was created on January 23, 2012, where he has more than 30k followers. Similarly, Joe is also pretty active on Instagram where he has more than 26k followers.

He also has a Youtube account with the username “comedianjoemachi” that has 1.13k subscribers and it was created on Nov 17, 2009, however, he is not active on Youtube and this account only has one video which was posted 11 years ago.

Joe Loves Baseball

Yes, since he is a comedian we guess that he loves writing comedy and making people laugh but that does not mean he can’t love other things right?


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Joe loves sports, especially baseball, and he even occasionally goes to watch various baseball matches, and it seems that he is a fan of the Pittsburgh Pirates (An American Professional baseball team).

He Did Stand-up Comdey For Free

Back in 2015, Joe went to St. Croix Casion for standup and what is really interesting is that he did the show for free. He also added, “I can not make it any cheaper than this.”

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