Who is Joe Biden’s Niece Caroline Biden?

caroline biden

Caroline Biden is quite famous for being the niece of American President Joe Biden. But more than being a niece, she is famous for being a pretty bad niece! Yes, Caroline is quite reckless so, she has had many controversial incidents and tussles with Law Enforcement. She can be quite dangerous on the street. Today, we will take a look at Caroline and see more about her life!

Niece of President Biden

Caroline was born in the year 1987. Her birthdate is the 11th of July and she is 33 years old as of 2021. Caroline is the daughter of James B. Biden and Sara Biden. James is the brother of Joe Biden, the current President of the United States of America. Caroline has two siblings as well. Both of them are her brothers; James and Nicholas.

Caroline thinks that her life is quite complicated as she belongs to a pretty high-profile family and all of her relatives are big shots! Her uncle is arguably one of the strongest people in the world in terms of sheer political power.

Anyway, Caroline went to Georgetown University. She spent her time in this school as a student and even got in trouble for a minor incident but it wasn’t that much of a controversy. The real arrest happened much later!

In terms of work, Caroline used to work as an art dealer in New York City. Before that, she was an intern at Proof Integrated Communications. She did this job from 2010 to 2011.

Criminal Behavior of Caroline

Caroline is famous for her run-ins with Law Enforcement. She has been even detained for an incident concerning a train ticket. In the year 2013, Caroline got arrested and charged for resisting arrest and obstructing government administration. There was also the incident where she harassed a former roommate. This happened in the Desbrosses St. Building which is located in the Tribeca area.

The police arrived at the scene soon when they heard the complaint. Caroline reprimanded an officer for trying to make an arrest. This led to pleading and even a hint of powerplay where she said that the police did not know who she is related to. In such a situation, things got escalated and she had a fight with the police. If the rumors are right, she even managed to land a punch on the police officer. She was later taken out of the situation and her identity was hidden for being related to the then vice president, Biden.

In July of 2017, Caroline had a credit card misuse incident. She was given a credit card to buy an item at a Pharmacy that cost $650 dollars. Caroline, in turn. spent $100K with that credit card.  This time her family ties did not save her. She was found guilty by the Manhattan Supreme Court in New York for using a borrowed card and going on a luxurious shopping spree.

Who is her uncle, Joe Biden?

Joe Biden’s full name is Joseph Robinette Biden Junior. We all know who he is. He is an American Politician who became the 46th President of the United States of America in 2020.  He is also the uncle of Caroline Biden.

Joe was born in the year 1942. His birthdate is November 20 and he is a member of the Democratic Party. Joe has served as the 47th Vice President from the year 2–9 to 2017 before becoming the president in 2010.  He was Vice President under Barack Obama. In terms of Senate, he represented Delaware in the US Senate till 2009 (before he became a Vice President).

Joe Biden was raised in the town of Scranton, Pennsylvania. But he was raised in New Castle County in Delaware. Biden went to study at the University of Delaware but later transferred to Syracuse University in 1968. From there, he got a degree in Law. His political career started after college when he was elected to the New Castle County Council in 1970. He managed to become the sixth youngest senator in U.S. History. He was then elected to the United States Senate from Delaware back in 1972.

What is Caroline’s Net Worth?

Since  Caroline belongs to a rich family, you might think she is quite rich, but that is not really the case. She does earn a livable wage though. Actually, she is a millionaire but not a multi-millionaire like her family is. While her life is not that luxurious, it is still quite stable. Her net worth is around $500K to $1 million.

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