How did Joaquin Phoenix Get his Scar?

Joaquin Phoenix get his scar

If you are the fan of the Academy Award winning actor Joaquin Pheonix, you might have seen scars in his face. Joaquin has a visible scar located on his upper lip.

This infamous scar has been the source of many Speculation but How did the star get the Scar? Find out in this article.

But before that, let us first see a short biography of the Joker actor.

Joaquin Phoenix Biography

Joaquin Phoenix was born in the year 1974. He was born in October 28. Joaquin’s full name is Joaquin Rafael Phoenix and he is a very famous American actor, animal rights activist and a producer. He is also an environmentalist.

Joaquin has received many accolades that includes an Academy Award and two Golden Globe Awards as well. In 2020, Joaquin was ranked high on the list of 25 Greatest Actors of the 21st Century by the magazine The New York Times. 

As a child, Phoenix started his acting career in TV shows with his brother River and sister Summer. He got his first role in 1986 in a film called space camp. After that, he did not act for a while and focused on his studies.

In 1995, he made his comeback for a comedy drama To Die for. And later he did a film called Quills.

But his real break came when he played the role of Commodus in the hit 2000 movie Gladiator. He got an Oscar nomination for the role (in the supporting actor segment).

Later, he got the nomination for Best Actor when he portrayed Johnny Cash in his autobiography. He also got another nomination in 2012 for the movie The master.

Joaquin finally won the Oscar for the Best Actor in 2019 for his portrayal of Joker in the DC movie Joker.

Some of his other works include Signs, Her, The Village, Hotel Rwanda and many more. Joaquin has done a lot of work!

In addition, Phoenix has also been directing music videos and producing stuff as well. He also recorded the soundtrack of Walk the line.

But aside the entertainment industry, Joaquin Phoenix is also a social activist. He helps out a lot of charities and humanitarian organizations. He is on the board of directors of a fund that provides school meals to a lot of students.

In addition, he also helps animal rights advocates and does vegan campaigns with PETA in defense of Animals. All of this humanitarian work is not a publicity stunt though. Joaquin genuinely likes to help out people and animals in need. And he does this work selflessly.

How did Joaquin Phoenix get his scar?

Joaquin Phoenix was born with Microform Cleft. The scar was there since his child and he has said that his mother got a sharp pain while she was pregnant and this caused the mark on his lip.

What is a Microform Cleft?

A Microform Cleft is a mild form of cleft lip. It is an incomplete cleft and the appearance of such cleft is pretty obvious. It is a vertical scar from the lip to the nose.

Some people are born with a Microform Cleft because of the Mutation. Various other factors are in place as well. There is a solid combination of things in play.

For instance, the contact with the environment or the food and medication that the mother eats and takes during pregnancy. So, these things can cause a person to be born with with a microform cleft.

What is Joaquin’s take on the Scar?

Joaquin Phoenix became an actor at an early age and spent most of his time in Hollywood. He has been acting for more than four decades right now.

Joaquin was actually born in Puerto Rico in 1974 and spent his early years literally living a nomadic lifestyle in the country. He was a part of the religion cult called Children of God and his parents were the missionaries of it. The family, for the most part, moved around South and Central America.

Later, his parents left the cult and then moved to California. Phoenix and his siblings started their new lives in America and they have been staying in America ever since.

Moving on to his scar, His religious experiences had some impact on how he understood his scar. But later that was clarified when he became educated enough.

Phoenix has stated that his scar is not a surgical cleft but it is something he was kind of born with. In one of the interviews, he has even blamed God for the scar. This is mainly because of his religious phase as a child.

He said that his mother was pregnant and when she was on a beach one day, she got intense pain and that might have been what caused the Cleft.

Joaquin is a man of reason but he is still a believer in God and he believes that the scar is an act of God. That being said, Joaquin himself is not a religious person though. He has some belief but not all!

Are there any other Hollywood Stars with scars?

Yes. There are many other Hollywood Stars who have some kind of Scars. Joaquin became a star at early age. He recalls having an agent at the age of Six years old and getting roles to do films. This is one reason why the scar really doesn’t bother him anymore.

But, Back to the question. He is one of many Hollywood Stars with Visible scars. Yes, even the most beautiful people in the world are scarred one way or another.

Some of the notable stars include Harrison ford who was a facial scar that he got when he crashed his card into a Telephone booth. Similarly, Stars like Tina Fey, Jonah Hill and even the Aquaman actor Jason Momoa have visible scars in their body.

The scar, in the case of Joaquin made him even more interesting and it really helped to get the Character of Joker right in the 2019 movie. This helped him to get an even better performance in the role as Joker.

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