All About Stan Lee’s Daughter – Joan Celia Lee (Biography, Net Worth)

Joan Celia Lee
Date of Birth 1950
Profession Actress
Height 5.5 Inches
Father Stan Lee
Net Worth $66 Million

Joan Celia Lee is a daughter of famous American comic book writer, former legendary editor-in-chief Stan Lee’s daughter.

Besides, that she is also an American actress, where she began her acting from 1963. She had also appeared on some American movies.

Joan Celia Lee Biography

Joan Lee was born in April, 1950 and her birth place is New York, USA. Her nationality is American and she a Jewish-American ethnicity.

She also had one sibling but, her younger sister died on the same year of her born. So, she is only one child of Stan Lee.

Her mother was also a British-American model and voice actress. And we all know about her father Stan Lee. Joan came from very creative family, where her father was a comic book writer and her mother was also a former actress.

So, from her childhood Joan was able to learn about the art of comic books and many things about comic industry. Bing daughter of comic book writer she also learned to make comic book layouts on her early age.

While taking a interest on media world, since her parents were also part of industry. Taking about her young age, she was interested on painting, craft work and other creative works.

At her adult age, she also got chance to gain experience from ‘Marvel Studios‘.

When Joan Celia Lee was 67 years old, she lost her mother Joan Boocock Lee and a year later in 2018, she lost her father Stan Lee.

JC Lee always said that she had a good childhood and she really miss best time she spent with her father and mother.


Joan Celia Lee started her acting career from 1963, where she played a role in film named ‘The Cool World’. The movie did quite good on box office and later she worked on some TV series as well.

In 1990, she also played a role in a movie named “The Ambulance”, which was also played by Stan Lee. And in 1994, she also did a voice for the character of robot in Iron Man series.

And after completing her graduation, she also worked in ‘Marvel Studios’ to gain some comic world experience.

From her experience on Marvel Studios, she also learned about more about comic and which also helped sharpen her knowledge on comic world.

Legal Issues

Joan Celia Lee with Stan Lee

In 2018, Joan has some legal issue with Bradley J. Herman. The reason was that Joan accused physically and verbally abusing to her parents.

Bradly J. Herman was a former personal assistant of Stan Lee. He also said that, Joan tried to choke is father and slammed him on his wheel chair.

In a podcast, hosted by Alan Duke to talk about the time and journey of Bradley Herman working for Stan. Herman Said,

JC Lee took her father by the neck and grabbed his neck and slammed his head back into the wood portion of the chair.

But JC Lee summons Herman with the reason of his intentional plan to spread fake news and bad news about father and daughter relation.

And in the response, she also filed a $25 million lawsuit to Herman and podcast host Alan Duke. JC Lee also said that she never done any kind of act like this to her father. Instead, she told that Herman was fired because he had stole some important stuffs from his father.

In September 2018, Joan Celia Lee also revisited a $1 billion lawsuit that was filed by her father against POW! Entertainment just some time before his death.

Stan Lee filed a lawsuit against POW! Entertainment saying that the executives of this company were taking advantage of his medical condition by “forcing him to sign documents under false pretenses”.

Just sometime after Stan Lee wife died, he also had to cut off relationship with some people who were pretending to care and attached to Stan Lee just for his fortune.

Later, he handled all of his net worth and properties to JC Lee. Since, she was a daughter and only trusted person of Stan.

JC Lee Net Worth

As of 2020, Stan Lee’s daughter net worth is estimated to be $66 million. Since, her father was a successful business man as well as the share holder of Marvel Studios which was sold to The Walt Disney in later.

Although, she might had earned a good amount of money from her own career but her father made tons of money and left it to her, which is very enough to live luxury life at any part of the world.

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