Who Is Jim Carrey Daughter Jane Erin Carrey?

Jane Erin Carrey with Jim

Jane Erin Carrey is well known as the daughter of the most renowned comedian of all time Jim Carrey. Her father will always be known for his incredible comedic talents and his ability to expand into other dramatic roles. However, he rose to prominence after landing a recurring role in the American sketch comedy television series Living Color in 1990.

She has also made a name for herself in the entertainment industry. Initially, she came into the limelight after appearing in an American Idol competition. Jane has an uncanny resemblance to her father as her facial expression is almost similar to that of her father. Know all about the life of Jane Erin Carrey including her career, net worth, and current whereabouts in this article. We will also tell you about her love life and details about her children as well.

Jane Erin Carrey is the only daughter of comedian Jim Carrey

Jane Erin Carrey was born on 6th September 1987 in Los Angeles, United States. She was born as the only daughter of comedian Jim Carrey and his ex-wife Melissa Womer. According to her birthdate, she is currently 34 years old and her zodiac sign is Virgo.

She has a mixed ethnicity of Irish, French, Scottish, German, and English. Unfortunately, her parents have already parted ways in 1995. However, her father has managed to be a great dad as he learned quite a bit from his own father, Percy. Talking about her appearance, she has a pair of beautiful green eyes and lights brown hair. She is 5’8″ (173 cm) and weighs around 56 kg (123.4 lbs).

In 2014, Jane’s father Jim talked about his father during a commencement speech at Maharishi University. He said, “My father could have been a great comedian, but he didn’t believe that that was possible for him, and so he made a conservative choice. Instead, he got a safe job as an accountant.”

“I learned many great lessons from my father, not the least of which was that you could fail at what you don’t love, so you might as well take a chance on doing what you love. I’ve often said that I wish people could realize all their dreams and wealth and fame so that they could see that it’s not where they’re gonna find their sense of completion,” the star continued.

As per Daily Mail, “Carrey became famous with the 1994 comedy film Ace Ventura: Pet Detective… After that box-office hit, Carrey admitted he had had trouble coming home to domesticity and Melissa recalled: ‘He decided he wanted to enjoy success from the perspective of a single man.”

Jane is really lucky to have a great father as it is clear that her father has done everything in his power to make sure his daughter strives for her dreams. It is believed that she completed her education by homeschooling.  However, there is little to no information about her early days and educational qualification.

Jane has always been fond of music and singing since childhood

It has been revealed that Jane has always been fond of music and singing since childhood. Talking about her music career, she started her career in the American Idol 11th Season in 2012 when she took part in the show. Her voice quickly gained the attention of people all over the world and she became more popular when everybody found out that she is the daughter of Jim Carrey.

In that competition, she sang “Something to Talk About” in front of judges like Randy Jackson, Steven Tyler, and Jennifer Lopez. However, she had a major setback as she got eliminated from the American Idol. Talking about her performance on the show she said, “I freaked out when I was there so I was really really shaky.  know I can do way better than that so I’m really disappointed.”

She hasn’t quit her music career though as she became a band member of a band called “The Jane Carrey Band”. It’s a very popular band and you can watch their music videos on YouTube. Furthermore, she also revealed that she got comfort from her father. She said, “I talked to my dad and he was kind of comforting. He said ‘I’ve been said no to a bunch of times and it worked out for him, so hopefully I have a shot.”

Together with her band, she has released a self-titled album back in 2009 and their song “Sticky Situation” even appeared in her father’s film Dumb  Dumber To’s soundtrack. Furthermore, she has also made her appearance on the catfish program called Jim Carrey: I Needed Color which was released in 2017. At the time, the show was focused on her father’s documentary.

In addition to that, she also did background music for this documentary program and joined this program as a co-host in 2018. She also got a chance to show her detective skills in the show.

Is Jane Erin Carrey married? Does she have any children?

Jane Erin Carrey was in a matrimonial relationship with Alex Santana. He is a performer and guitarist and was the lead singer of the metal band Blood Money. The two decided to walk down the aisle on 14th November 2009.

Unfortunately, their relationship couldn’t last forever as Jane filed for divorce after just 11 months of their marriage. She filed a petition on the 20th of October 2010 in Los Angeles Superior Court. As per her petition, she blamed her split from the lead singer of the metal band Blood Money, on the catch-all “irreconcilable differences.”

However, a representative of Alex said the couple “will remain friends and devoted parents.” The duo also welcomed a son named Jackson Riley Santana on 26th February 2010 in Los Angeles. At the time of birth, their son weighed in at 7 lbs (11 oz) and measured 20 inches long.

Jane’s father, the proud new grandad posted a baby pic on Twitter and wrote, “Jackson Riley Santana, My Grandson, Born today! This is what 7lbs.11oz. of Calfornia dynamite looks like!” Furthermore, he was confident with her daughter and said that she was going to be  a “great mom.”

The mother of the baby also said that she was also looking forward to having a son with Santana while she was pregnant. Before giving birth to her son, she said, “I’m excited about it because I never really got along with girls growing up. I was a little afraid that if it was a girl she would not like me, you know? So I’m very happy about the boy.”

How much does Jane earn? Her presence on social media

Despite being a child of a rich actor she tried to make her fortune on her own and it has been estimated that her net worth is $1 million.  She made most of her fortune from her musical career. Once it was also said that she also worked as a waiter when her parents got divorced and the time was very hard financially and mentally for her.

On the other hand, her father Jim has a net worth of more than $180 million. He also owns a seven-thousand square foot duplex penthouse in New York which cost around $13.65 million, just before he sold his Malibu mansion for $5 million.

Talking about her presence on social media, she doesn’t seem to be available on any social media platforms besides Twitter and Facebook. She joined Twitter in January 2009 and she has got over 149.9 k followers at the time of writing this article. Additionally, she also has a Facebook page with over 2.1 k followers but she hasn’t made any posts yet. You can also listen to her songs through myspace.

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