All About Michelle Malkin’s Husband – Jesse Malkin (Bio, Net Worth)

Jesse Malkin
Birth Place USA
Profession Analyst
Wife Michelle Malkin
Net Worth $22 Million

Jesse is a former economist. He was a Policy Analyst for the RAND corporation. Jesse got famous for being married to Michelle Malkin. Malkin is a famous political commentator.

Who is Jesse Malkin?

Jesse was born in the United States. We don’t really know his birth date though. Jesse attended Berkeley High School and then graduated from High School in 1987.

After his high school, Jesse went to the Oberlin University. He majored in Politics. When he completed his bachelor’s degree, he went to Oxford University. He got the Rhodes scholarship from this school and graduated in 1993. He did his PhD in Public Policy Analysis at the Rand Graduate School in 1994.

Jesse is married to Michelle Malkin who is a famous politics commentator. The pair got married in 1993 and they have two children together. Their children’s names are Veronica Malkin and Julian Daniel Malkin.

Jesse is a pretty private person. And this can be seen in the fact that he has no social media. He says he will not open a social media account in the future too. He likes to keep his private life away from the eyes of people.

On the other hand, Michele has Social Media as her job is in the Journalism field. She also has a Twitter profile as well as an Instagram account. She posts a lot about different types of subjects ranging from Politics to Cat pics!


Jesse began his career in the Principal health outcomes and economics position in a Pharmaceutical company. The company was called Covance Pharmaceuticals. Jesse worked in this company for 2 years. He later joined the RAND corporation. His job was that of an Analyst and an Economist for RAND. Jesse worked in RAND until 2003 .

After leaving the RAND corporation, Jesse moved to Hot Air LLC as a treasurer where he worked from 2006 all the way to 2010. He became the VC of operations for Twitchy LLC till the year 2013.

Jesse Retired from his professional career to be a stay at home father because of his health problems in 2004.

Relation with Michele Malkin

Jesse Malkin with Michele Malkin

Jesse met hi wife Michele when was attending the Oberlin University. He was searching for a compatible coverage analyst and the two met. Ever since their first meeting, they began to hang out a lot. The two started courting and build a profitable relationship.

The pair got married in the year 1993. The marriage was a really simple one. Only a few people there in the ceremony. Michelle got pregnant in 98 and then gave birth to their youngest daughter Veronica. In 2003, they welcomed their second child Julian.

How much is Jesse Malkin net worth?

Currently, we really do not have any idea about the exact extent of Jesse’s net worth. Jesse has not done anything recently. He has been a Stay at home dad for so long and it has really taken a toll in his life as well as his earning. He has a net worth of only $700,000 right now.

Michelle has a lot of money though. She has many firms and investments. She is also a writer and does a lot of work so, her net worth amounts to around $22 Million.

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