Who Is Anna Strout? About Jesse Eisenberg’s Wife

Anna Strout and Jesse Eisenberg

You must have heard about Jesse Eisenberg as he is a popular and successful actor. He is well known for playing Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg in David Fincher’s film The Social Network.  Jesse has appeared in numerous movies and television shows.

But do you know about his wife, Anna Strout? They have been together since the early 200s and together they have a son as well. She is an activist who works in raising awareness for domestic violence and she also had a few credits in the movies.

However, not much is known about her because her husband has kept her out of the limelight or she might dislike being popular and gaining constant attention from the media. Nonetheless, she is good when it comes to fundraising and community engagement as she is associated with one of the most reputed non-profit organizations in the United States.

If you are interested to know more about her life and relationships then you are in the right place. Well, that’s because we will tell you everything you need to know about her in this article.

Anna’s mother empowered and challenged others

Anna Strout was born on 30th December 1983 in  Bloomington, Indiana, United States. She was born to Bob Arnove and Tusan Susan Strout and she grew up alongside her brother named Anthony Arnove. According to her birth date, she is currently 39 years old and her zodiac sign is Capricorn.

Unfortunately, both of her parents are already dead. Her late father was a doctor and her late mother had worked as an educator. Her mother passed away in 2017 and she was also the executive director of the shelter, The Middle Way House.

The organization is one of six national model domestic violence shelters in the United States which includes childcare programs, support groups, legal advocacy groups, and a transitional housing unit.

Furthermore, Anna’s mother won the National Historic Preservation award for her contributions through MIddle Way Hose for transforming an old Coca-Cola bottling plant into an emergency shelter, permanent housing, and administrative building called New Wings.

The community of Washington even named one of its streets in honor of her mother after she died. Additionally, she also helped to create THE RISE! which is a transitional housing program that provides affordable housing for low-income and homeless families, who have breadwinners as women who have experienced life-threatening violence.

Anna’s mother also empowered and challenged others through personal conversations, and public speaking.

Anna Strout

Anna became a volunteer and fundraiser

In 1984, Anna’s mother Toby Strout started working for the Middle Way House. She served many survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, and human trafficking and she would often bring her daughter Anna o marches, rallies, community meetings, and city hall press conferences.

As a result, Anna saw firsthand how her mother advocated for services for survivors of domestic violence or sexual assault. Thus, she continued to work for the Middle Way House as a volunteer and fundraiser after her mother’s death.

Currently, Anna is working at different nonprofits and teaches in New York City at a nonprofit. Furthermore, she also works with 100 underserved schools in arts education. Anne followed in her mother’s footsteps and she became an activist for the rights of women and volunteers with Middle Way House and helped organize the campaign.

She is well educated as she graduated from Indiana University in 200 and she is also the director of special projects and events for New York-based non-profit Urban Arts Partnership and a producer of Voices of a People’s History.

Anna also worked in the film industry

You might be surprised to hear that even though she likes to live a private life, she was also in the entertainment industry working professionally on a few or two projects. For several years, she was with 24 Hour PLays off-Broadway. According to IMDB she first stepped into the show biz by becoming a set production assistant for the film Don’t Say A Word in 2001. Additionally, she also had a cameo in Michael Hoffman’s directorial titled The Emperor’s Club in 2002.

Anna also served as a talent coordinator in the Tv movie documentary titled Fire and Ice: The Winter War of Finland and Russia. Additionally, she was an assistant business manager in another television movie documentary titled Digital Man/Digital World and her late credit in the media was as an associate producer in director, Eliot Montague’s short supernatural mystery film, Light On a Path Follow.

However, she started her career as a consultant at Bain & Company and then worked for the Boston Consulting Group. Later, she founded her own company called “A-S Solutions” which provides business strategy consulting to small businesses.

Moreover, she was also an assistant director in her husband’s movie “Now You See Me” and worked as a script supervisor in the film titled “Irrational Man“.

Current relationship status

Anna Strout is currently in a marital relationship with her husband Jesse Eisenberg. They met each other for the first time when they were in their 20s in 2011. However, they took a break in 2012 and started dating only after they met each other once again on the set of the movie The Emperor’s Club.

They dated for about 10 years from 2002 to 2012. Unfortunately, they had decided to get separated by 2013 and Jesse went on a date with his The Double co-star, Mia Wasikowska after their separation. Furthermore, they were spotted multiple times in cafes and airports. However, the two never confirmed their relationship and it turns out they eventually split around 2014.

Jesse reunited with Strout after his alleged fling with the Australian actress cooled down in December 2015. They were fated to be together as they rekindled their relationship though in secret. Soon after, Jesse traveled to London to perform in the West End show The Spoils.

In January 2016, their picture taken at a basketball was made public so their relationship was out in the open. In the same year in October, news broke out that the couple are expecting a child. They welcomed their first child in April 2017. The couple had a son and they named him Barner. After having the baby, the couple decided to get married though they are yet to talk about their wedding specifics.

Their infant son spent the first few years of his life traveling because Jesse and Anna had to travel for most time of the year due to their jobs. Thus, the duo with their son split their time in Los Angeles and New York City.

Anna Strout and Jesse Eisenberg with son

What is she up to these days?

As mentioned earlier, she works at different nonprofits and teaches in New York City at a nonprofit. She also works with 100 underserved schools in arts education. Specifically, she runs a non-profit organization called Friends of Matt Foundation which aims at using technology for children’s literacy skills development.

Anna has also worked as a consultant and business strategist for small businesses. However, she hasn’t revealed much about her personal life, and as she doesn’t have any social media accounts so it’s quite difficult to know about what she is up to these days.

Anna’s millionaire husband fell for her

Anna’s husband is an actor whose paychecks are by no means below average even though he hasn’t had many commercially astounding movies. Her husband is nonetheless still a celebrity whose net worth is easily in eight-figures.

Furthermore, her millionaire husband has revealed how he has always been something incredibly special in his longtime partner, Strout, even though he had kept his private life under the wraps from the media.

He did an interview with Seventeen magazine in 2011 and in that interview, he admitted that she was the only girl he’d ever been on a date with and he also revealed what he loved about her.

He said, “I find people who want to help other people to be the most interesting.”

Anna’s net worth and hobbies

It is estimated that Anna’s net worth is around $1.5 to $2 million whereas he husband’s net worth is estimated to be more than $10 million. Currently, Anna lives with her family in a duplex penthouse in the West Village which they bought for $11 million in 2016. In 2015, they also purchased a house in Brooklyn for $999,000.

Anna thinks that her job as an actress is very selfish. She stated, “… my job is so selfish and focused on my own vanity that I like to surround myself with people who are actually helping people throughout their day.”

She hasn’t revealed anything about her hobbies or likes in any interviews, social media accounts, or to any news outlet because she likes to live a private life. But still, one thing we know about her is that she loves to travel to several countries in Europe including Germany and France as her job required it while she has been to various charity events around the US and Europe.

It has also been revealed that her favorite movie is “Donnie Darko” and her favorite television series is “Lost“. Furthermore, she is also a big animal lover and she is more of a cat person. Thus, she has volunteered in several animal shelters throughout the years with her husband Jesse.

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