Who Is Jerry Falwell Jr.’s wife Becki Tilley?

The first lady of Liberty college, Becki Tilley is the wife of the well-known American attorney Jerry Lamon Falwell Jr. Becki is also a vocal supporter and both Becki and her husband are former evangelical leaders. They have been in a marital relationship for more than three decades now, however, it was revealed that Becki had an affair with someone and after that everyone started getting curious about Jerry’s wife and the first lady of Liberty college, Becki Tilley.

There are more interesting facts about Jerry’s wife which are still not known by many people so this piece will try and cover everything about Becki Tilley.

Becki is a native of Chapel Hill

Jerry’s wife Becki Tilley was born on February 23, 1967, in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Judging by her date of birth her zodiac sign is Pisces. She grew up with her parents Tom and Iris Tilley along with her sisters. As per the reports, all of her sisters are married as well.

She comes from a Christian family circle and she was sent to a local high school. After graduating, she enrolled at the University of Virginia. It is the same University Jerry went to. Talking about he ethnicity, she has a European (Caucasian) origin and as she was born and raised in Chapel Hill, she holds an American nationality.

Her Career

As mentioned earlier, she is a vocal supporter of Donald Trump and it is believed that one of the main reasons that Trump won the 2016 Republican primary and presidency is because of Jerry and his wife Becki. She also opened a hostel in Miami with her partner.

Becki Tilley Instagram

Becki is pretty active on Instagram where she often shares pictures of herself, her family, friends, and other various stuff. She also occasionally shares her pet dogs on her Instagram. She currently has more than 10.5k followers on her account.

Becki was just 13 when she met Jerry

According to various reports, when Becki met Jerry for the first time, she was just 13 years old while Jerry was 18 at the time. However, it was just their first meeting and they were not dating until they finally reunited at the University of Virginia.

When Becki joined the University, Jerry was already in his sophomore year. Reports have shown that the couple used to ride horses and go on a date around Candler’s Mountain. They dated for a few years and after Jerry graduated, the couple got married on October 3, 1987. They had a private wedding where their family and a few friends showed up. It has been 34 years since they married.

Becki is a mother of three

Jerry and Becki are proud parents of three and their son Trey Falwell who used to be a vice president at Liberty University but later he resigned his position as vice president because of the controversy surrounding his mother. Becki’s second child Charles Wesley Falwell seems to be working at LU Fabrication as a supervisor.

Both Trey and Charles seem to be married as they both have one child. Also, as per the reports, on August 27th, 2000, Becki gave birth to their third and youngest child Caroline Falwell.

Jerry enjoyed the affair of his wife Becki and a pool boy

Normally when someone is having extra affair other than one’s partner, they keep it secret from their partner, however, in Becki’s case it is different as a matter of fact it is quite interesting.

Back in August 2020, Giancarlo Granda told that he had sexual relations with his partner Becki. He explained that he met Becki back in March of 2012, he was 20 years old and working at Fontainebleu Miami Beach Hotel as a pool boy at the time he met Jerry’s wife.

He further said that Becki approached him and from the very beginning they were developing an intimate relationship. They met each other multiple times throughout the year in various hotels from New York to Miami as well as in Virginia.

So what’s interesting about their affair? well, As per Granda, Jerry knew about their relationship and he even used to look at them while they were having horizontal hulu sexy, sexy times.

After the controversy, Jerry resigned as President of Liberty

As mentioned, Jerry and his wife used to be evangelical leaders who used to preach to people that extra-marital affair or sexual relations before marriage is a sin but after Granda came out publicly about his relationship with Becki it would have felt like a 4400-volt current through their (Jerry and Becki) bodies.

I mean someone’s saying that certain things are sins and now you find out that the person saying you that himself is doing pretty nasty things and everybody knows about it, just imagine how much shame and embarrassment did Jerry and his wife had felt. I don’t know how much shame or embarrassment they felt but I do know that Jerry resigned as President of Liberty after the controversy. His son also resigned from vice-president for the same reason.

Becki’s sexual relationship with a student

Just when we thought that things were out of hand, a former student of Liberty came out and opened up that during the fall semester of the University, a 22-year-old student (at the time) stayed at Jerry’s place after a band practice with Becki’s son Trey in 2008.

The student further mentioned that Becki “jumped into bed with him and performed oral sex on him.” He added that although he rejected, Becki still “continued pursuing him” and even offered gifts. However, both Jerry and Becki have denied having that kind of relationship and they even said in a statement, “These false and mean-spirited lies have hurt us and our family greatly and we will respond fully with the truth at an appropriate time.”

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