Who is Jeremy Camp’s Wife, Melissa Lynn Henning-Camp?

Melissa Lynn Henning-Camp

Melissa Lynn Henning is a celebrity wife of Jeremy Camp. But who is Jeremy? Well, he is a pretty famous contemporary Christian singer. Today, we are going to be diving deep into his life and see what we are able to find out about both Jeremy and Melissa. Let’s go.

Who is Melissa Lynn Henning-Camp?

Melissa was born on the year 1979. Her birthday is October 7. He was a housewife for the most part of her life. She became famous when she married the American artist Jeremy who is from Indiana.

Not much is known about Melissa because she died at an early age. Further, she was a very private person so, not much was known about her anyway.

Melissa was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer in 2001. She died on Feb 5 just a month after the illness was diagnosed.

Jeremy wrote many of his songs about his wife’s illness. Songs such as I still Believe were the first song he wrote about her. He also wrote Walk by Faith about her.

Camp and Melissa had a very deep relationship. Their romance also got a screen adaptation. The movie “I Still Believe” was released in March of 2020. The movie is very overwhelming but a really nice way to showcase their relationship.

Who is Melissa Lynn Henning-Camp’s husband, Jeremy Camp?

Jeremy was born in the year 1978. He is an American Christian singer and songwriter from the city of Lafayette, Indiana.

Jeremy has eleven albums released. Out of those eleven, four of them are RIAA-certified Gold albums. His original music is a weird mix of ballads and up-tempo songs with a slight rock influence.

Jeremy has won 5 GMA Dove Awards in his career and he has also been nominated for AMA and Grammy.

Jeremy was born in the town of Lafayette, as we discussed earlier. His father was a pastor and it was his dad who taught him to play the guitar. After high school, the camp went to the Calvary Bible College in California. He has a degree in Theology.

Jeremy was part of the worship team and he played all over Southern California.


Jeremy Camp has a very huge career. He has had more than 32 chart-topping hits in the Contemporary genre. His album Beyond Measure had six number 1 hits.

The most popular Jeremy camp song is obviously a track titled ‘Let it Fade.’ This track held the Number 1 spot for more than 10 weeks on the radio.

Camp has had a combined 175 weeks on the number 1 spot to date. He has made ten music videos in total. And most of the videos are on YouTube.

Camp also has a DVD which chronicles his regular life on tour. He keeps touring with fans and has a tour blog-related channel on his  YouTube as well. He also has some Live Albums from his tours. He has scored a musical number as well.

What did Melissa Lynn Henning-Camp die from?

Melissa died from ovarian cancer, she was diagnosed with this cancer and died in 2001. At that time Jeremy was about 23 years old and she was just 21 years old. If you listen to the early songs of this guy you can feel the pain and loneliness.

Without informing her family and friends she did surgery in 2000 after that her health condition was getting much worse. Her cancer was spread from the ovary to her intestines and liver making it completely impossible to cure.

Just after some time of marriage, she left Jeremy which was a very heart-wrenching time for her family and friends.

I Stil Believe

There is no doubt that the love story of Melissa and Jeremy has touched the hearts of many and has been an inspiration to date. In March 2020, Andrew Erwin and Jon Erwin directed a film which was titled “I Still Believe” was released in their honor, where K.J. Apa played the role of Jeremy and Britt Robertson played the role of Melissa.

Melissa’s mother also published a book entitled Melissa If One Life. Janette Henning wrote the book in the loving memory of her daughter Melissa. The book is about the extraordinary love of Melissa and Jeremy, How she talked to God, and most importantly how she went through cancer and showed supernatural strength.

Melissa’s sister Heather Dalton also encourages and motivates people by sharing her sister’s story. Melissa remained faithful to Jesus until her death.

Does Jeremy Camp remarry?

Later he married Adrienne Camp in 2003 just after a year of Melissa’s death. Adrienne was a lead singer of the group named The Benjamin Gate which was founded in 1998 and disbanded in 2003. Camp and Adrienne meet for the first time in 2002 when Camp was on his musical tour.

Later they met and Liesching directly said that she felt very sad to hear the loss of his past wife and also about his tragic love story. She also confessed that she wants to join the rest of her life with Jeremy and walk on the same path he has planned.

How much is Melissa Lynn Henning-Camp’s husband, Jeremy Camp net worth?

Jeremy Camp is a pretty successful guy. He has made several chart-topping hits and albums. He has had his songs played multiple times in the streaming platforms as well as the traditional medium. His total net worth is $8 million.

Short Biography of Jeremy Camp

Jeremy Thomas Camp, professionally known as Jeremy Camp is an American Christian singer and songwriter. He has released many albums and he has been nominated for Grammy Award for Best Pop/Contemporary Gospel Album in 2010 and nominated for three American Music Awards.

He was born on January 12, 1978, in Lafayette, Indiana, United States. His father is a pastor at Harvest Chapel and he was taught to play guitar by his father. He went to Calvary Chapel Bible College after he graduated from high school. He earned a degree in theology from Calvary Chapel Bible College.

He has released dozens of music and he was voted for the Best Male Artist in the 2005 Reader’s Choice Music Awards in the Christianity Today magazine. His song Open Your Eyes is inspired by a movie Inspired by the Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. 

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