All About Andrea Barber’s Ex-Husband – Jeremy Rytky (Biography, Net Worth)

Jeremy Rytky with Andrea Barber
Date of Birth June 25, 1995
Profession Band Singer
Height 5.8 Inches
Weight N/A
Father Bradley Nowell

Jeremy Rytky came in spotlight due to his ex-wife and also American actress Andrea Barber. His wife is very popular for playing role of Kimmy Gibble in a famous American Netflix series Fuller House and ABC sitcom Full House.

Many people who know about Kimmy Gibble are very interested to learn about her present and past life. So, we present about Andrea ex-husband Jeremy Rytky.

Who is Jeremy Rytky?

Jeremy Rytky was born on October 24, 1973 in Maine, USA. He grew up in Maine and studied in a local school over there.

After, his school education complete he studied his higher education from Whitter Law School and yes he is law student. He completed his study from this Law school in 2007.

Jeremy is a Lawyer

Jeremy has worked with many law firms in his life, and he also has a great name in lawyer business. Besides, being lawyer has also worked for United States Marine Corps for about four years as a Marine.

Relationship & Married Life

Andrea and Jeremy met on 2000 for the first time. When Jeremy was working as a Marine on US Marine Corps.

They dated for about two years after that Rytky as well as Barber decided to knot their life and get married on September 1, 2002.

After two years of their marriage they welcomed their first son Tate James Rytky in 2004. This couple was living happy and also very supportive to each other.

After some time they also welcomed their next child in 2007 and she is a daughter her name is Felicity Ruth Rytky.

While they get married, Jeremy was still a law student as well as working on Marine. Where Andrea was a house wife and she spent her day supporting and caring her children.

Why did they Divorce?

Being together for more than 12 years this couple filed a divorce. It was shocking movement since they also had a two children and was living together from long time as a happy married life.

They did a divorce in 2014 and planned to live separately from each other. Their divorce reason has not been disclose to the public till a day when Andrea published a book.

She published a book named “Full Circle: From Hollywood to Real Life and Back“, in this book she has also wrote about her past life and the reason of divorce with Jeremy.

She also said, “She was shaking when she was on divorce chapter she added its hardest part to write. But I want to write all about the incident with honesty, but at the same time I don’t want to make any objection on their privacy and I respect, Jeremy as well as two children privacy.”

After divorce with Jeremy she deal with depression and anxiety. But later she forget about this incident and keep move on with her life.

Also the problem was started from 2007 when she was pregnant and she was about to deliver daughter at the same time there was her eldest child who was still toddler.

And her husband was far from her, because he was on Marine and can’t come home at the time he wants to come.

So, from this period they started to get separate from each other. And now she is with her two children living as a single mother and raising them.

Anyway we hope both of them happy life ahead wish for good recovery of Andrea from depression as well.

Jeremy Rytky’s Net Worth

Jeremy worked as a lawyer and Marine in United States so we can guess his annual average salary is about $50K to $100K per annum. As well as Lawyer is highest paid profession so from there on average $80K to $160K.

So, its pretty sure that Jeremy is already millionaire by now and has more than net worth of $2 Million.

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