Baywatch Star Jeremy Jackson’s ex-wife Loni Williams?

Loni Williams

Loni Christine Willison is a very famous supermodel. She belongs to the fitness industry. She is an American model who is quite famous as the ex-wife of the Baywatch star Jeremy Jackson. While we know everything about Jeremy, we don’t really have any information on Loni so, this article aims to rectify that situation. Let us get started!

How old is Loni Williams? Her Early Life

jeremy jackson ex wife loni

Loni Willison is exactly 37 years old right now. She was born in the year 1983 on the 21st of May. Loni was born in the city of Hemet, California. She is an American personality with American citizenship. Similarly, she is White and her zodiac sign is Gemini.

Loni had to face attempted murder

The supermodel Loni actually went missing after an incident. Her husband Jeremy tried to murder her. It was an attempted murder and Loni was so scared of him that she went missing.

She was last seen on the streets of Los Angeles though. She was munching on a Pizza that she found in a dumpster. Loni even shared that pizza with a squirrel. In the streets, she was seen wearing multiple layers of clothes.  She had a black tee under a denim jacker and a beige oversized wrap.

She also had a baseball cap and a pink sweatshirt on her waist. So, Is she homeless right now? Well, it does feel like that. She is living a really humble and unbothered kind of life. Loni does not want to get into the chaos of actual living again.

She even has a cart with things like linen and pillow stored there.  We also saw her carrying a backpack. This might be because she is carrying some essential items in the backpack. She is seen as a poor homeless person by many bystanders and they even offer her food.

Where is Loni currently?

She was last seen in Santa Monica and she was living in a dumpster. She said that she is kind of stuck. Despite being the ex-wife of actor Jeremy Jackson, she is not really in a position to earn money.

Actually, she has been homeless since 2016 and was only spotted in 2018 in public.

Why is Loni Homeless?

It is because of her addiction to Crystal Meth. Loni said that she lost two jobs during this major addiction and her mental health deteriorated. After that, everything crumbled and now she is quite homeless.

Loni also got an eviction letter but she wasn’t able to pay the bills as she did not have a job. Therefore, she was forced to live on the streets. Her divorce from Jeremy was finalized in 2014 and it was quite brutal.

She has no contact with Jeremy right now though and she says that she is happy currently. As the Santa Monica area where she is currently is relatively rich, she says that she can survive here as the people are quite friendly and they donate her money. Loni does not have a cell phone now but she has got a place to sleep. Loni gets some money from the people and eats food off the bins. She hasn’t been hungry.

Who is Jeremy Jackson?

Jeremy Dunn Jackson was born on October 16, 1980. She was an American actor as well as a singer. He is known for his role as Hobie Buchannon on the TV show Baywatch.

The show was quite famous for many seasons and she has appeared in 159 episodes of the TV series Baywatch. This is the second-longest appearance in the show aside from David Hasselhoff.

Jackson is also a singer. Introduced to the music world by David. Jackson started to be in the industry and on his 1993 European Tour, he got signed to Edel Records by Peter Lopez (who is an Australian Musician).

Mark Holden works with Hasselhoff and he wrote a bunch of songs and even managed to produce a full-length album. Jackson was also featured in Vanity Fair’s magazine back in 2006.

People refer to Mark as “Mr. MySpace” and she was also a guest on The Tyra Banks Show. He has performed in clubs around the world. From London to Las Vegas, he has been everywhere and has endorsed clothing brands as well as fashion shows. he has also claimed to have beat Leonardo DiCaprio for the part of Hobie Buchannon. This was later said to be true by David Hasselhoff.

Jeremy has also worked with PhilaDreams films on an unreleased independent movie titled “Dreams” filmed by Thomas J. Walton and Vaughn Goland.

Some years later, Jackson took part in the UK reality TV series named Celebrity Big Brother on Channel 5.  After around four days, producers removed him from the  Big Brother house though! This was because the script of the show demanded it. Jeremy Jackson was a fan favorite on this show though. The audience loved him.

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