Who is Michael Jordan’s daughter, Ysabel Jordan?

Ysabel Jordan

Ysabel Jordan is one of the twins of Michael Jordan. Jordan is arguably one of if not the greatest basketball players of all time. This can be attributed to his incredibly dominant performances in the NBA throughout the 1980s and 90s.

Michael is also globally known as MJ. He has played more than 15 seasons of the NBA and won 6 championships with the famous Chicago Bulls. Individually, he is a basketball icon with many accolades such as 6 NBA MVP awards.

In addition to his legendary NBA career, MJ is often considered the most valuable player of the generation because of his success off the court. He has made a mark in the world with his sneaker partnership with Nike. Even a nonbasketball fan knows what ‘Air Jordans’ are.

But this article is not about the man himself, instead, it’s about his daughter Ysabel, one of the twin daughters he has. So, let us get started!

Ysabel and her Twin Sister

Michael Jordan and Yvette Prieto twin daughters are Ysabel and Victoria. They are both  7 years old as of 2021. Both of them were born on the 9th of February in the year 2014. Their birthplace is West Palm Beach, Florida.

When they were born, Estee Portnoy told The Associated Press that the Jordan babies are doing great and the family is very happy about their arrival.  Ysabel and her sister Victoria are the children of Jordan and his second wife Yvette Prieto. Prieto is actually a model and she became pregnant with the twins back in November of 2013. The family did not disclose that they were having twins though.

Besides this, Ysabel has mixed ethnicity but she is totally American.

In addition to the twin sister, Ysabel has three other half-siblings named Jeffry, Marcus, and Jasmine. All of them are from MJ’s first marriage to Juanita. Jeffrey is a former basketball player and right now, he is the co-founder of a charity. Ysabel’s half-brother Marcus is also a retired college basketball player.

Growing up in Luxury

As Ysabel is a child in one of the richest families in America, she lives a totally lavish life. Her father is a millionaire and owns mansions all over the United States. Each of his houses has a really big price tag.

He owns 32,000 square feet of the mansion in the suburb of Chicago. This property has a total area of 56,000 square feet. It even has a pool and a tennis court. The mansion also has 9 bedrooms, 19 bathrooms and has been on the market for more than $14 million dollars. Jordan originally put the house on the market in the year 2012.

The former basketball legend also has another house for sale in Utah. He had this 10,000 square foot home in the market for around 7.5 million dollars.

In addition, he owns a lakefront house in North Carolina. He also has another mansion in the same state worth more than $4 million dollars.

Jordan’s Interracial Marriage

Michael and Prieto met in a Miami Nightclub back in 2008. The two got together quickly and dated for years before finally getting engaged in 2011. After 2 years, the pair got married. They did a pretty lavish wedding ceremony at Bethesda-by-the-Sea Episcopal Church.

The ceremony was not that small as it was attended by around 300 people. They joined the reception at the Bears Club and the wedding was quite a success.

The two have been together since their wedding. Before Jordan’s marriage to Prietos, he was married to Juanita. The two were actually married for 17 years before they divorced. Ysabel’s mother Yvette is a native of Florida who is also a model. She used to work for a fashion designer named Alexander Wang.

Yvette was also in a documentary about Cube once as she is originally from Cuba. That is why the relationship between the two is interracial.

Michael Jordan as a Father

Yvette Prieto with Michael Jordan

MJ is quite a private person. When it comes to his daughter, he has hidden them from the public eyes as he does not want them to grow up being famous. Back in the year 2020, The Last Dance, a documentary of MJ was released and it documents the career of MJ.

MJ was not interested in talking about his daughters in this show too. Even though the show was about him, he just talked about his professional career and not his private life. Jordan’s other daughter Jasmine once told the press that Jordan used to be very protective as a father and he always used to protect and nurture her when she was a child.

Ysabel Jordan Net Worth

Ysabel is 7 years old right now so, she is too young to get into any type of career. The net worth of Ysabel is not exact but her father Jordan is quite rich.

He has an estimated net worth that exceeds $1.6 billion as of the year 2021. He is probably the only billionaire NBA player. Jordan made this money from investing his NBA money wisely in different businesses and using brand deals as a way to earn a cut of product sales.

He even owns Car dealerships in addition to his Jordan brand of shoes. His wife Yvette is also quite rich with a net worth of $5 million dollars.

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