Who is Jenni Rivera’s Daughter, Jacqie Campos?

jacqie campos

Jacqie Campos is the youngest daughter of the late great Mexican Singer Jenni Rivera and Jose Trinidad Marin. She became famous for being a prominent media personality. The star kid is currently living her life with her own family. While she has decided to go separate ways with her husband, they quickly got back together and are now they are living quite a beautiful life.

But what is Jacqie up to these days? Let us find out and see what her life is like!

Who is Jacqie Campos?

Jacqie Campos was born on 20th November 1989 in Long Beach, California. She is the youngest daughter of Jenni and Jose. Her parents were together from 1984 to 1992.

She is a Mexican in terms of ethnicity but American in nationality. When she was a child, her nickname was Chunka. She spent most of her childhood in the Long Beach area of California. She also went to school there. We don’t know where she went to high school and college though. She might not have a college degree!

In terms of siblings, she has two more siblings. Her parents had their oldest child Chiquis Rivera in 1985 while the youngest child was born in 1991.

Jacqie’s Siblings

Sticking to Jacqie’s siblings, she has 4 siblings in total. Two biological and Two Half siblings. All of them are close to each other and share a bond. Jacqie can be seen posting pictures of her siblings quite often on different social media platforms. They have remained bonded quite nicely through all these years.

After the parents divorced, her mother married another two times. She first tied the knot in Juan Lopez in 1997. After that, they remained married from 1997 to 2003. The show even shares children with Jenicka who was born in 1997 and Johnny who was born 4 years later. Jacqie’s stepdad has already passed away though. He was just 37 when he died back in 2009.

Half-siblings are often not as close as real siblings but this rule does not apply to Jenni’s children. All of them share a great relationship. The family gets together every once in a while to enjoy themselves together and share stories about their life. They have a very tight-knit family.

Who is Jacqie Campos’s husband?

Jacqie is currently married to Michael Campos. The two decided to walk down the aisle on 10th November 2012. They had met a couple of years prior. The relationship is going strong and the two are happy. This can be seen in their social media as well. They are enjoying life and have beautiful children as well. They have become the parents of three children named Jenavieve CamposJordan Campos, and Julian Campos.

However, Jacqie was in a relationship with a guy named Danny Yanez before she began her relationship with Michael. And with Danny, she gave birth to her daughter named Jaylah Yanez back in 2009.

Jacquie was featured on “The Riveras” show

Jacquie was featured along with every child of Rivera’s family on a family-based reality television series “The Riveras”. The shoe featured Jenni Rivera’s kids pursuing their dreams and honoring their mother’s legacy. But unfortunately, the show got canceled back on 24th September 2020.

Previously, she had appeared on another family-based reality television series titled “I Love Jenni”. The television show got debuted on 5th March 2011 on Universo and concluded on 11th August 2013. She was also featured on a television program called “Chiquis n Control” in 2012.

Not only has she made an appearance on multiple television series, but she has also followed her mother’s footsteps by venturing into the music industry. She even managed to label herself as one of the renowned personalities of the industry.

Jacqie Campos’ Substance Abuse

Being a star kid is not easy. All eyes are on you so, you need to behave in all situations. This pressure can get to you. Jacqie’s mother Jenni is quite a name in the Latin Music industry. Because of this, Jacqie became a center of attention for many.

But being popular at a young age can give you more harm though. And there can be some traumatic past behind many things. Jacqie, in 2013, released a line of TShirts. While releasing it, she gave a very strong message. She opened up about her lifestyle and past drug usage in this message and urged people to not do drugs. She also said that her lifestyle was quite wild and she started having sexual relationships from a very young age of fifteen. This fact is quite disturbing for many people.

In addition to this, she said how drug addiction has ruined her life and it took her to places she had never really imagined. She used to go to rave parties and take a lot of Ecstasies.

Jacqie Campos’ Weight loss

In the year 2018, Jacqie lost more than seventy pounds. In an episode of the show The Riveras, she said that she had lost this weight to make sure her life gets back on track.

When asked what the inspiration was behind this dramatic weight loss, she said that her children were the ones that motivated her. She wanted to get in shape for them and wanted to set a good example for them.

She also said that she was eating healthy and exercising quite regularly to lose all the weight. It even made her more energetic. Since it gave her more energy, she is going to continue exercising even more now.

Her weight loss journey started back in 2016 and she is still going strong. She even started to wake up early, exercise, and say a big no to all types of Junk Food to be more healthy.

Net Worth and her presence on social media

Jacquie Campos is doing great at business. As mentioned above she has earned a name for herself in the music industry and her future is very bright.

However, her net worth is yet to be revealed but by looking at her social media we can say for sure that she is living a lavish and comfortable life. She is also a social media influencer as she has millions of followers on Instagram.

She has over 1.9 million followers on her Instagram account. She also has a considerable amount of fan following on other social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter as well. Jacquie has a YouTube channel as well under her name and she uploads her music videos, cover songs, and various kinds of blogs. She has got over 341 k subscribers on her YouTube channel.

You can click the link below to go to her respective social media handles.

Instagram: @jacqierivera

Twitter: @jacqieofficial

Facebook: Jacqie

YouTube: Jacqie Rivera

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