Who is Jenna Bandy? Net Worth, Career, Height, Weight & Bio

Jenna Bandy
Date of Birth 1992
Profession Basketball Coach
Education California State University
Followers 300K
YouTube 170K+ subs

Jenna Bandy is an American Instagram star, Youtuber, and most importantly, a basketball coach. She has been playing basketball since her high school days all way through to the university.

Currently, she is the head coach for the girls’ basketball team at Calabasas High School.


Jenna Bandy was born in the year 1992. She was born in September and currently, she is 28 years old. She was raised in her hometown in California and sources say that her zodiac sign is Libra.

Moving on to her family, Jenna has a brother, an older sister and another older brother Jett. Jett is also a sports personality. He has played in the Major League Baseball. He plays as a catcher for the University of Arizona Baseball team.

In addition, Jenna’s parents are Sheryl and John brandy. Jenna graduated from the Thousand Oaks high school. She later graduated from California State University. She has a degree in Communications and Media Studies.

Jenna Bandy stands tall at an impressive height of 5 feet 8 inches. While this may seem less for a basketball player, it is a really competitive height in the women’s game.

Aside from this, her other measurement such as weight, shoe size, dress size are not really known. She does have a blonde hair though and she has dark brown eyes.

Jenna Bandy’s Career

In terms of profession, Jenna is a social media star. She has a lot of followers on her Instagram account. She also owns a personal lifestyle photography niche in Instagram and that has garnered audience reaction as well.

She has a goal of being a profession sports reporter and a broadcaster. In addition, Jenna is a Guinness World Record holder as well. She has actually managed to break 6 world records in total.

She accepted the head coaching position in the Calabasas High School team in April of 2017. She also made the Basketball Beauties All-League team in the year 2017.
Jenna has also played in the Basketball Beauties league against the team called Deja Mattox.

Jenna is also an American basketball player. She was a player before she became a coach. She was scouted as a standout guard in College basketball.

She played for the Indiana State University. She has also landed a lot of modeling and acting gigs. She appeared in the year 2017 for a movie called The New Edition Story.

In addition, she also became an all time leading scorer in high school. She  started playing basketball professionally till the year 2016.

At the California State university, Jenny played for the girl’s basketball team. She played as a point guard. In addition, Jenna also owns a YouTube channel where she challenges strangers and well known people for basketball games.

She has also featured in the videos of famous YouTube star RiceGum. In her own channel, she has managed to get big basketball players such as Steph Curry, Josh Horton, Howard, Staples and more.

What is Jenny Bandy’s relationship status?

Jenna Bandy is most probably single at present. Even if she is in a romantic relationship with someone, Jenna has not shared any information on this issue.

Moreover, even if she is single at present, the talented basketballer is sure to attract many lovers in her future through her beauty, talent, and charms!

How much is Jenny Bandy Net Worth?

Jenny Benda has a good social media presence. Her handle for instagram is @jennabandy21. She has managed to get over 300K followers in this account and she has a lot of content in it.

There are more than 869 posts in the account. She also has a youtube channel titled “Jenny Bandy”. This channel brings in over 15 million views and it has 170K+ subs. We are telling you this because this really helps to give you an idea of her worth.

If we really factor in her social media presence along with her career as a coach, her net worth can be estimates.

It ranges from 100 thousand dollars and goes up to a million dollars. She earns enough through her coaching career and uses social media to boost her earnings.

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