Jen Hatmaker Divorce: Why Did They Separate?

Jen Hatmaker Divorce

Jen Hatmaker is once more trending on social media after announcing her divorce from her husband Brandon Hatmaker last July. She uploaded a  post about how she is doing in her life a year after her divorce. Jen Hatmaker is an American blogger, television presenter, Christian speaker, and author who rose to fame with the launch of her first book “Ms. Understood: Rebuilding the Feminine Equation” in 2008. She is quite famous on the internet as she has over 536k followers on Instagram and 833k followers on Facebook. She also has over 180.4k followers on Twitter and creates a very successful podcast.

Who is Jen Hatmaker?

Jen Hatmaker whose real name is Jennifer Lynn Hatmaker is an American blogger, television presenter, Christian speaker, and author. She was born in 1974 in the United States. Her family is very religious and she also follows Christianity as her religion. She is quite popular in the church that she works in.

She has been featured in Christianity Today magazine. She also hosts the HGTV series “Your Big Family Renovation”. “For the Love” is one of the New York Times bestselling books that was written by her.

Love life and family


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Brandon and Jen were in a relationship since college. They met at Oklahoma State University. She got married to Brandon at the age of 19.  People around them considered the couple’s marriage perfect based on pure Christian belief and love. After marriage, they gave birth to three biological children, Sydney, Caleb, and Gavin. The couple also adopted two children Remy and Ben when they were in Ethiopia. Jen loves her children a lot and is always ready to defend them.


She along with her family appeared in a reality TV show called “My Big Family Renovation”. The main focus of the show was on the family trying to improve their house and relationships more.  Brandon Hatmaker is also the pastor of the Austin New Church along with reality TV gigs. The couples were managing the religious place together as the leader of the church. Everything was going well until Jen decided to be public about her views on same-sex marriage and offering full support and respect to the LGBT+ community. At first, she got kicked out of the church board but her career as a Christian author and speaker dropped to the bottom when she started criticizing Donald Trump and his policies.

She has been very supportive of her daughter Sydney Hartmaker who came out as a lesbian. She also invited her lesbian daughter on her podcast named “For the Love”. They talked about her experience on the show and she opened up about her struggles in accepting her sexuality and the dilemma she faced. She also revealed that she liked girls but pretended to be straight. She supported her daughter wholeheartedly even though she got removed from the church board as well as lost lots of fans and her career.

The reason for divorce

The news about their divorce was quite unexpected even though their family was going through a crisis. The real reason for their divorce hasn’t been revealed yet but as we know already a lot of people like to spread rumors and theories. The popular one along with many rumors is that Brandon had an extramarital affair or Jen’s support of the LGBT+ community clashing with the church board.

However, Jen has reminded her fans not to speculate about such kinds of nonsense. Some people even sent Brandon threats and questions regarding details on the divorce. He then said to stop asking about the divorce and said that he’ll be announcing the upcoming projects soon.

Divorce Announcement

Jen Hatmaker took to social media to announce their divorce. She asked her fans to respect their privacy and pray for them. Even though the details about their divorce are still unknown but she described it as “completely unexpected”. It was in September that she decided to announce her divorce and soon after completed all the paper works. But still in the future if they decide to tell us about the reason then we will update this section as soon as possible. Till then we must respect their right to privacy.

Her social media handles

She is very much active on social media. She uploads posts on various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram o a daily basis. You can check out her profile by clicking the links down below.

Facebook: Jen Hatmaker

Twitter: @JenHatmaker

Instagram: @jenhatmaker

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