Shia LaBeouf’s Bad Relationship With His dad Jeffrey Craig LaBeouf

Jeffrey Craig LaBeouf
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Born California, USA
Profession Vietnam Veteran
Height 5.8 Inches
Controversy Criminal
Son Shia LaBeouf

Hollywood’s incredibly talented actor Shia LaBeouf doesn’t have a really good relationship with his dad. His dad’s name is Jeffrey Craig LaBeouf, who is a convicted criminal.

He is actually convicted for his sex offence. It seems like these days the father-son have managed to patch things up but the scars still remain.

Who is Shia LaBeouf?

Shia LaBeouf rose to fame in the 2000s when he was portraying Louis Stevens in the Disney series Even Stevens. He won a reputed award for that show. And even managed to get a Daytime Emmy ward in 2003.

In the year 2007, Shia got his first career breakthrough when he starred in very successful movies like Disturbia and Surf’s Up. The same year, he also portrayed the character of Sam Witwicky in the smashing hit Transformers, a film with Arnold in it.

Even as a child, Shia got recognized in Hollywood and success followed him every year. However, Shia never really intended to go for a career in Acting.

Did Shia LaBeouf have a bad childhood? Yes, because of his abusive father, he had to find a way to make something out of himself so, he chose acting as his lane.

Jeffrey LaBeouf’s Biography

Jeffrey Craig LaBeouf was raised in California. He trained as a clown in his early days but later, he became a war veteran. Jeffrey served on the Vietnam war for three times. During this gruesome war, over a million people were killed.

Shia has repeatedly said that something about the war changed his father. Jeffrey returned to America pretty damaged and then he became really harmful to other people.

He didn’t even leave his son. In addition, alcohol and heroin addiction was real and Jeffrey really had to fight his demons.

Jeffrey was convicted in 1981 and he served in jail till 1983. The conviction was for attempted rape of a minor. This was only the tip of the iceberg though.

Aside from sex crimes, he got charged with other crimes as well. Crimes such as Kidnapping, Assault and possession of a deadly weapon.

Jeffrey met his ex-wife when he got out of jail. Her name was Shayna Saide. She was a visual artist. The pair got married and they welcomed their son in 1986.

Shia’s Relationship with Jeffrey

Jeffrey was unemployed for most of the times and his struggle with addiction finally led to the end of his marriage in 1991.

Does Shia LaBeouf have a relationship with his father? Shia’s relationship with his father is very complex. They got distant and in 2010, his own father was missing from his wedding. This is really a heartbreaking thing to encounter. The relationship between the two was pretty fragile.

While Shia has been really frank about his relationship with his father, he does feel like he wants to be closer to his dad. He says that he derives some meaning and motivation from his relation with his dad.

It is also reported that the 72 year old war veteran has been on the run from the US Authorities since the year 2013. This was the result when he violated his registrations. Jeffrey is currently living in Costa Rica.

What happened to Shia LaBeouf dad? He has been hidden from the US government and his social media accounts suggest that he is currently teaching arts to underprivileged kids in Costa Rica.

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