Who is Famous Twitter Personalities, Jeff Tiedrich?

Jeff Tiedrich

Jeff Tiedrich is one of the most famous personalities on Twitter. He is famous for his many posts with which he takes jabs against various people. Particularly, he became famous after his many taunts against the former president of the United States i.e, Donald J Trump.

Jeff joined the world of Twitter in 2008 but then his account got retired so, he made another one in 2018. His Twitter posts are all about international politics, ideology, and Trump’s government. He is known for being a loudmouth as well.

But what does Jeff do? What is his career and what is his life like? Let us find out.

Who is Jeff Tiedrich? An Introduction to Jeff

Jedd Tiedrich is actually a web designer in addition to a musician and social media celebrity. She is known for continuously criticizing former President Donald Trump on his Twitter feed. He is also a  fan of poetry and writes haikus on notable personalities.

In addition, Jeff is the Managing Director of Tiedrich Design Group and also a member of the musical group called Alligator. His website called The Smirking Chimp is a political one that covers opinions on left-wing personalities. Tiedrich is also a content provider on Patron valued at around $372 dollars.

Jeff’s early life is not really known currently. But one look at his LinkedIn profile revealed that he has done a BFA degree from Parsons School of Design somewhere in the late 70s.

What is Jeff Tiedrich doing right now?

Jeff is currently working as the MD at the Tiedrich Design Group. He started this company in 1982. It is a publication website and UI design company among others.

The company does a lot of work for its clients. It does Web Design, Creation, Advertisement, Publishing, Logo Design, branding, and more. Some of their notable websites include NYU School of Medicine, Carnegie Corporation in New York, A Website to promote The Blonde on The Train, and more.

The company was also involved in print publications from IBM and did marketing for many big organizations such as Fairchild Publication, McCarter & English, and American Lung Association. They also had their hands on Logos and branding of Carnegie Podcasts, Okino productions, Inc., American Lung Association, and direct responses for Cahners Publishing.

Jeff’s Music career

Besides his web development and software company career, Jeff is also a member of a musical band called the Alligator. The band has got 5 members namely V Don Bogut who is a vocalist and plays keyboard, Jon Chaze the bass guitarist and Erik Lundberg is the drummer, Sam Mann specializes in rhythm guitar and Jeff is the lead guitarist in the band.

The band also has a Patron where they release music exclusively and earn some extra cash for their lives.

Famous for his Tweets

Tiedrich is quite famous on Twitter for his personality. He openly criticizes many political figures and motions. He also responds to everything that Donald Trump says or Tweets. Tiedrich responds quickly as well.

Jeff has quite a big Twitter following as well. He used to have a former account which is now not being used. He has a new account where he really puts his best ‘roasts’ on different topics.

He even posted a joke once in 2018 in a conversation format between Kim Ill Jung and Trump. In this tweet, he mocked how the media would really twist anything that Trump does and make a simple deal between Trump and Kim a nationwide headline.

In the August of 2021, Jeff even tweeted and roasted trump. He said that he would support Trump’s right to be arrested and humiliated. He also said Trump should be stripped of his massive wealth for the crime he had committed till now.

On his Instagram, he posts screenshots of his political tweets. And even his accounts read “Political” on both Instagram and Twitter. Tiedrich’s humor is not limited to trump though. He tweeted against Matt Gaetz who has been prosecuted by the Justice Department. He said that the Junior Congressman costs a lot of money to Washington and he is too dumb. Jeff also asserted that the congressman has left a digital trail of his crimes and payments.

Similarly, his Instagram account jefftiedrichtweets is filled with pictures of his political tweets. Moreover, the bio in his Instagram account reads “political account.”

There was another tweet from him that had a fierce reply to Elon Musk. In Elon’s tweet, he said what he should do for his SNL skit. To which, Tiedrich replied with wit, “Pay your workers a living wage.”

Personal Life and Relationships

Jeff is currently married to a person named Claudia Long. She is actually 8 years older than Jeff. Claudia works as a copywriter and a content strategist. They actually work together in their company and the couple has a daughter together as well. Their daughter Katherine was born in November 1991.

She is a photographer as well. Her Instagram is filled with pictures of buildings and big skyscrapers.

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