Which political party Jeff Bezos Support? Democratic or Republic

Jeff Bezos

Jeff Bezos is arguably one of the most powerful people in Planet Earth. With a net worth that exceeds more than a 100 Billion, Jeff Bezos’ political views can be very powerful as well.

But over the years, Bezos has maintained a neutrality as far as politics is concerned.  Being the richest man in the world does come with a lot of pressure so, Bezos has to maintain this neutral stance all the time.

So, because of this reason, Bezos has donated money to both political parties in America and he is pretty neutral during the election season. He did, however, have a  small fight with Donald Trump when Trump was the president.

Bezos has really supported senators from both parties on their campaigns. In an interview, Bezos admitted to have made contributions to the Democratic Senates of Washington in addition to the republican candidates.  This non partisan stance has really made Bezos pretty popular among the common people. He is impartial when it comes to politics.

But before we provide you Bezos’ complete Political Story, let us first see his quick biography.

Jeff Bezos Short Biography

Jeff Bezos was born as Jeffrey Preston Bezos in the year 1964. He is an American entrepreneur, media owner, investor and an industrialist. Jeff is the founder and CEO of the multi-national tech company Amazon. He is also the riches person in the world according to Forbes.

Jeff was born in Albuquerque and he grew up in Houston. He later moved on to Miami. Bezos graduated from Princeton University. He completed his degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science in the year 1986.

After completing his education, he worked in Wall Street for seven years. In 1994, he founded amazon while on a road trip from NYC to Seattle.

The company initially was an online bookstore and later it expanded to a variety of products. They started shipping products and services online. This helped them become an e-commerce giant. It was the early days of e-commerce.

Later, they started providing different services such as video and audio streaming, audio books, e-commerce, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and more.

Currently, Amazon is the largest sales company in the world and generates the most revenue in the Internet Company niche. Amazon makes most of its money from its Cloud Infrastructure though. Most of the internet is run on Amazon Servers. The cloud infrastructure service

In addition, Bezos has also founded the aerospace manufacturing company called Blue Origin in 2000. The company’s vehicle New Shepard reached space and came back successfully in 2015. This company aims to put further more vehicles into space and take human spaceflight to a new level.

Bezos also purchased The Washington post in 2013. The acquisition cost $250 million. Bezos also makes other investments through his VC firm named Bezos Expeditions.

Jeff Bezos is the first centi-billionaire of the world. He was named the richest man in the modern history. His net worth reached 150 billion dollars in 2018. Later it grew by $24 billion. And in August of 2020, Jeff Bezos was worth more than $200 billion.

Support for Both Political Parties

In the year 2012, Jeff Bezos made a donation of around $2.5 million to the Washington United for Marriage. This organization was campaigning for the legalization of Same Sex marriage. Bezos supported this leftist movement. This may have given a wrong message though. People thought Bezos was a Democrat because of this reason. But that is not the case.

In 2010, Bezos also helped to stop taxing the super wealthy in Washington State. This would mean that he is a Republic right? No. He is just Jeff Bezos!

Amazon has a Political Action Committee that does the job of donating to political parties. It takes donations from Amazon’s employees and then spreads that money to different political candidates. Bezos has donated huge sums of money to the PAC. And Amazon, the company has further donated this huge sum of money to both the Democratic and the Republican party. It has remained super neutral.

In terms of personal donation, Bezos has given away $10 million to the With Honor Action. The With Honor is yet another nonpartisan organization that works to have people with experience get elected into the office. Their aim is to minimize the political divide that exists in America and fix some of the major issues of the country.

Business Deals With Donald Trump

The former President of the United States, Donald Trump was quite a character. It seems like everyone had some problem with Trump and Bezos is no exception. So, do you want to know that the business dealings between the two was ? Trump can not be avoided when talking about Bezos and his views on Politics. Trump has constantly targeted Bezos and made sneering remarks about him and his company, but why?

Well, if the rumors are correct, it is a bit personal. Actually, In 2016, Trump invited Bezos to join the Defense Innovation Advisory Board, which is a very good position in the US Military. Bezos declined this invitation and we think that this might have kickstarted the fire between the two.

Trump was constantly attacked by The Washington Post so, he wanted the newspaper to really close. He spread the Boycott of the newspaper. But what is this got to do with Jeff Bezos? Well, The Washington Post is actually owned by Bezos.

In addition, Trump has even went on and said that the US Postal Service loses tons money per year because of Amazon. And he even pushed a motion to raise the Shipping rates for Amazon Packages. This didn’t turn into a reality though as the claims were pretty far fetched.

Bezos is definitely not a Trump fan. But Kudos to him for being so patient. Bezos knows that he is a bigger person than Trump so, he does not give a reaction.

The feud is actually very real though and one time that Bezos reacted to Trump, it was hilarious. The feud has now reached the courts though. Amazon claims that Trump used his power to take the contract for Cloud Computers away from Amazon an gift it to Microsoft.

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