Who is Transgender, Jasmine Davis?

Jasmine Davis

Jasmine Davis is a very popular model as well as an actor. She made her debut in 2015 in Television and since then Jasmine has had an impressive career overall. She has a lot of movies and TV shows under her belt which makes her quite an actress. Let us get more information about her today and see what her life is like.

Early Life and Childhood

Jasmine Davis was born in the year 1990 in the United States of America. Her birth month is December and by profession, she is an American Model and an Actress. Best known for her work in many movies such as The Chi, L.A.’s finest, and Deviants, she is an incredible actress.

In terms of Education, Jasmine is no slouch. She is a graduate student from the University of California. Jasmine completed her education at the local school and then went on to university.

Moving on to her parents, their names are Peter Davis and Tamala Davis. We don’t really know whether she has any Siblings or not and her children’s names are also not known right now.

Jasmine began her career as a model and then she went into Show-business. Her acting debut came in 2015 when she made appearances as Kia in the TV series Downward Doug.

Personal Information about Jasmine

Jasmine is currently aged 30 years old. Her height is 5 ft 5 inches. As a model, she weighs around 55Kgs which is quite great. She has a very great physique. Her body is a standard model body with curves. Jasmine has black eyes and brown hair. Her shoe size is 6 and she is quite a beautiful person. Jasmine’s personality is something to admire as well.

Famous for Showtime’s Series ‘The Chi’

While Jasmine has been involved in many movies since her debut in 2015, there is one show that has really elevated her celebrity status. She is the newest addition to Showtime’s highly rated show called “The Chi.” She plays the role of a level-headed adult in the show. Her character’s name is Imani. The character profile is quite simple really.

Imani is a very beautiful person with a kind heart and a stable presence. Her environment is chaotic but she is a loyal girlfriend of the character James Trig. Davis has done an incredible job playing this character. Imani’s character arc is that she is there to help his boyfriend. But, she is a transgender character in the show. What a twist, right?

Davis’ Reaction to being cast in ‘The Chi’

‘The Chi’ is a show based on the city of Chicago. And Jasmine Davis actually grew up in Chicago. She went to school there. Her school’s name is Kenwood High School and since the show is her first actual major performance, she felt good when she got cast. Davis recalls how great it felt for her to hear the news of this casting.

She said that she channeled her inner self-confidence and even allowed herself to cry when she heard the news. Jasmine was very happy to get the role and she is a very great actress. At first, she was quite nervous and not sure whether to do the role but later on when she calmed down, she decided to go for it and it was the right decision for her.

She pursued the role, she got it and finally, she made the role her own by putting in the performance of a lifetime

Is Jasmine Davis in any relationship?


Jasmine Davis is actually a transgender person so, relationships are quite difficult for her to handle. She is also quite focused on her acting career so, we think that Jasmine is not really involved with anyone in a relationship as of now. We will provide you with the information as soon as we get to know about her relationship status in the future.

How much is Jasmine Davis worth?

Jasmine Davis is making a killing in Hollywood. Her latest role is quite high profile and since she has already become well known in America, her net worth has soared in the recent years. She has a total net worth that exceeds around 4 million dollars. In addition to acting, she has other avenues for making money as well. Her Instagram profile has a strong follow base and she makes a good amount of money from it.

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