Who is Jasmine Chiswell Husband, Maverick McNeilly?

maverick mcneilly

Do you know about famous American actress Marilyn Monroe? If you know about her then you might also know who Jasmine Chiswell is. If not then don’t worry cause we’re here for that exact reason, Jasmine is a Scottish-American social media star and influencer who is also said to be the reincarnation of famous American actress Marilyn Monroe because she dresses like Monroe and she kind of resembles the late actress.

Jasmine was born on December 9, 1993, in Glasgow, Scotland. Although she was born in Scotland she holds an American nationality. According to reports, her father works in a government office and her mother is a housewife. Sources say that she is a college graduate but we don’t know which college she went to.

According to sources, ever since a child, she was really interested in studying medical education but after her parent’s divorce, she lost her interest in medical education and came to the United States to become an actress. Back in February 2020 she started using Tiktok and uploading videos on it for fun but she was loved by many and started gaining huge followers in no time.

After coming to the United States she met a guy named Maverick McNeilly on a dating app and started dating and are living together. Ever since she introduced Maverick on Tiktok people all around the world have shown interest to know more about Mav so here is all the information you need to know about him.

Who is Maverick McNeilly?

Sources say that Jasmine is married to Maverick and are living happily together and it seems that Maverick is a music producer and as mentioned after Jasmine introduced him, he is starting to get recognization for his dance and 60s dressing sense.

We can see Maverick on Jasmine’s Tiktok and people seem to love the couple and talking about Jasmine’s Tiktok she has gained more than 13 million followers.

Is Jasmine Pregnant?

Yes, Jasmine is pregnant it has already been 8 months and on September 7 she published a video on her Tiktok where she and her husband revealed if they are having a boy or girl and according to the video they are going to have a boy.

Jasmine and Maverick Are Living in Marilyn Monroe’s House

Yes, Jasmine and Maverick are currently living in one of actress Marilyn’s houses where Marilyn and her husband baseball player Joe DiMaggio once lived around the 1950s. Jasmine wanted to live in the house because she dresses the same way as Marilyn.

Ever since the couple has bought and moved in the house they upload videos on Tiktok dressing up as the 1950s models and Jasmine even said ironically that her hair is beginning to resemble that of Marilyn Monroe’s.

Jasmine’s Social Media Presence


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Jasmine is pretty active on major social media like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, and Youtube. She has more than 7k followers on Twitter, on Facebook, she has more than 8k followers, on Instagram, she has more than 790k followers, and finally on Tiktok as mentioned she has gained more than 13 million followers.

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