Who is Ray Kroc’s Wife, Jane Dobbins Green?

Jane Dobbins Green mimcry on movie
Linda Cardellini plays Joan, the woman who becomes Ray Kroc’s third wife. Here, she’s offerng him a choice between chocolate or vanilla powdered milkshakes, with their stabilizers, emulsifiers. etc. “Delicious!” she says, claiming that they taste just the same as milkshakes made from ice cream and fresh milk.

One of the names that come to our mind when we talk or think about businessmen or fast food is Ray Kroc. Kroc was the one who started McDonald’s in 1961 turned it into the most successful fast food corporation in the world. His story has inspired many people and there is even a movie called The Founder which tells the story of Ray Kroc.

Jane Dobbins Green was the second wife of an American businessman Ray Kroc and she came to the limelight in the 1960s’ because of Ray’s notorious affairs. So in this article, we will be talking about all the detail we have on Jane like where she is now, her marriage and divorce with Ray Kroc.

Who is Jane Dobbins Green?

Jane holds an American nationality or identity and as per the reports she comes from a very caring family. There is no information available about her parents or her personal life as she is better known by her ex-husband Ray Kroc.

Jane was the second wife or spouse of successful American businessman Ray Kroc. Ray was born on October 5, 1902, he is known for making the most successful fast food corporation in the world “The McDonald’s” where he served as a CEO from 1967 to 1973.

In 1980 Ray had a stroke and four years after the stroke he died of heart failure on January 14, 1984, in San Diego, California, United States.

Where is Jane Now, Is She Alive?

After the death of Ray most people want to know if Jane is alive or not, and if she is then where is she? Jane did make a public appearance since she divorced Ray. She has not even once made a public appearance despite being a Hollywood noble. So for all of you who want to know if she is alive, we are extremely sorry as we don’t know if she is alive or not. The question of whether Jane Dobbins Green is alive or not is one of the mysteries we have to live with.

Jane’s Marriage with Ray Kroc

Ray Kroc was married to Ethel Fleming in 1992 but later they got separated in 1961 and after two years of their divorce, Ray got married to Jane in 1963. They were married for about five years and in 1968 they got a divorce. After Ray divorced Jane, he then married Joan Kroc in 1969.

Why Did They End Their Relationship?

As mentioned above Ray and Jane’s marriage broke because of Ray’s notorious affair. After four years of Ray’s marriage with his first wife Ethel Fleming, he met with Joan Kroc. At the time Ray was 52 and Joan was only 28 years old and Joan was also married to Rollie Smith and had an 11-year-old daughter named Linda.

They met for the first time in 1957, in St. Paul, Minnesota. Joan was blonde and really beautiful so Ray was attracted to her. They started to have an extramarital affair but later in 1961 Ray divorced his wife Ethel. After the divorce, Ray asked Joan to come and live with him but Joan rejected him under the pressure of her family so Ray married Jane in 1963, and after few years of their marriage Ray invited Joan to McDonald’s convention in 1969 which affected his marriage with Jane.

After the McDonald’s convention Ray and Joan started dating again and decided to live together so they divorced their spouses and in 1969 got married.

Jane Dobbins Green & Author Jane Green

Ray Kroc

Many people think that Jane Dobbins Green and Author Jane Green are the same person but that is not true at all. The only thing we know about Jane Dobbins Green is that she was the second wife of late businessman Ray Kroc. Many online sites and media have stated that Ray’s second wife Jane is an author but that is not true so please don’t believe them, Author Jane Green and Jane Dobbins Green are different person.

Ray’s Demise

Ray had a stroke in 1980 and was sent to an alcohol rehabilitation facility but after four years he died of heart failure at a hospital in San Diego, California, on January 14, 1984. He was 81 years old at the time and as per the reports he was buried at the El Camino Memorial Park in Sorrento Valley, San Diego.

Jane’s Former Husband’s Net Worth

According to various sources before Ray’s demise, his net worth was around $600 million but after his demise, his net worth increased from $600 million to $1.4 billion estimated. All of his fortunes were inherited by his wife Joan Kroc after Ray’s death.

After her husband’s death, Joan started to get involved in various donations and charities. It is said that in 2003 at the time of her death her net worth was increased from $1.4 billion to $2.7 billion and $1.5 billion was given to  The Salvation Army to build around 26 Kroc Centers and Also, her other fortunes were dispensed to various organizations (no profit) after her death.

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