Who Is James Taylor’s wife Caroline Smedvig?

caroline smedvig

Caroline Smedvig is the wife of a six-time Grammy Award-winning American singer and songwriter James Taylor. Clearly, she came into the limelight after marrying James but she has also made herself known as she used to serve at the Boston Symphony Orchestra as the director of public relations and marketing.

This article will totally focus on James Taylor’s wife Caroline Smedvig’s life, career, family, education, career, and other few things related to her.

Caroline’s father was a lawyer

Caroline came to this world on May 31, 1953, and according to her date of birth, her zodiac sign is Gemini. She was born to Albert Hessberg and Elisabeth Fitzsimons Goold. She grew up in Albany, New York State, with her parents along with her siblings Albert and Philip.

Her father Albert was graduated from Yale University and he was a well-known lawyer as well as president of Albany County Bar Association. Moreover, he was also one of the head partners of Hiscock & Barclay.

Since her father was a well-educated man, he got his daughter’s (Caroline) admission to the Albany Academy for Girls from where she graduated in 1971. After her graduation, she enrolled in a college in North Hampton and as per the reports, she also went to Smith College and University.

Both her father and mother have died

In the year 1991, Caroline’s mother Elisabeth passed away due to an unknown reason.

Four years later in January 1995 her father Albert also take his leave from this world. The reason for Albert’s death was cancer and he was 78 years old at the time of his death.

Caroline and James both were married to someone else

Before Caroline and James became one, they were married to other people, let’s talk about them. Starting with Caroline, she was married once before tying the knot with James.

She was married to the founder of Empire Brass Quintet and American classical trumpeter Rolf Thorstein Smedvig. They got married in December of 1980 just to get separated and divorce a few years later. After their divorce, Rolf married Kelly Holub in 1992. Sadly, on April 27, 2015, Rolf died of a heart attack.

Moving on to James, he was married twice before he married Caroline. In November 1972 James married singer and actress Carly Simon. They remained together for around 11 years until finally getting divorced in 1983. Following his divorce, in December 1985 he married actress Kathryn Walker at the Cathedral of St. Jhon the Divine.

Clearly, James and Kathryn’s married life was not going to last forever as they decided to get divorced in 1996.

Her career

During her college years, she used to work for several newspapers including Knickerbocker News and Springfield Daily News.

Also, as mentioned Caroline used to work at Boston Symphony Orchestra, where she joined in 1980 as a publicist but she was later promoted and started serving as the director of public relations and marketing until she left the company in 2004.

She then joined Volpe where she used to be a trusted advisor however, she was later appointed as a board member in 2007, and the same year in September she became a trustee of the company.

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