Who is Jakob James Nowell? Bio, Net Worth, Career & More

Jakob James Nowell
Date of Birth June 25, 1995
Profession Band Singer
Height 5.8 Inches
Weight N/A
Father Bradley Nowell

Jakob Nowell is quite known for his incredibly energetic performances and his singing ability. He also plays the guitar pretty good.

Jakob is the son of former Sublime’s lead singer Bradley Nowell. Jakob has written a number of hit songs and has been the frontman of the rock band LAW for a number of years now.

Jakob James Nowell Biography

Jakob James Nowell with his parents

Jakob James Nowell was born on June 25, 1995. He was born in Long Beach, California as the son of Bradley Nowell and Troy Dendekker.  Jakob’s father Bradley became incredibly famous for singing and music production. He was also a great guitarist. For many years, he was the lead singer of Sublime.

Bradley died when Jakob was only 11 months old. When Sublime were on a tour in North California, Bradley Nowell met his death. The cause was a heroin overdose. He died at an age of 28 on May 25, 1996. After his death, his wife remarried in 2020 and Jakob was raised by them.

As far as his height and weight goes, it has not been really made public. But he does have a physical build that is common with his father and his father was 5’8.


In 2013, Jacob followed his father’s footstep and founded a band called LAW with guitarist Aidan Palacios, bassist Logun Spellacy and drummer Nicholas Aguilar. Jakob is the main lead singer of the band.

Despite not having a father, Jakob has done well for himself. His father Bradley struggled with addiction and married Jakob’s mom during this addiction. Jakob was conceived in this time.

At a very young age, Nowell fell head over heels with Music and started performing. He did his first show while still in the elementary school. He also taught himself to play guitar with the help of his grandfather.

This early exposure to music also helped him to get the necessary skills to make a band and then be successful in it. Jakob also has his own share of struggles. The main struggle is definitely is with fame. He started drinking at an early teenager and has struggled with Alcohol for 10 years. But now at 25, he seems to have found a way to deal with demons in a proper way.

Net Worth

It is well evident that Jakob earns a good income. It is not really definite what he exactly earns though. It is estimated that he earns a really steady amount of money. His net worth has been estimated to be around 1 to 5 million right now.

More facts about Jakob James Nowell

  • Young Jakob Nowell has dedicated a good chunk of his time reaching out to the people with addiction problems. He finds time to help people with addiction and also create awareness.
  • Jakob himself has been addicted to alcohol but unlike his father, he is over it now. He has been sober for two years and the music he does with his band has helped him stay  clean. They released an album back in 2018.
  • Alcohol and Drugs have been part of Nowell’s family for a really long period of time. So, in honor of his old man, Jakob started the Nowell Family Foundation in 2017. The aim of this foundation is to give a helping hand to the members of the music business for treating addiction. There are active members in the foundation that includes members of the Nowell family.
  • On a less serious note, Bradley was a really big dog lover. And he named his dog Louie which is also the name of Jakob’s great grandfather. The dog was nicknamed Lou Dog and it was featured prominently in Sublime Albums. The dog was also referenced on a number of songs and sometimes, fans could also see the dog in Live performances. Sadly, the dog died of natural causes in 2001.

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