Where is Bradley Nowell’s Son, Jakob James Nowell Now?

Jakob James Nowell

Jakob Nowell is quite known for his incredibly energetic performances and his singing ability. He is a son of former Sublime’s lead singer Bradley Nowell and he has written a number of hit songs being the frontman of the rock band LAW for a number of years now.

It’s been more than 25 years since Bradley has died but still, his son has carried the legacy of his father in the world of rock and roll. In this article, we will learn many things about this guy including his private and family life.

Who is Jakob James Nowell?

Jakob James Nowell was born on June 25, 1995, in Long Beach, California as the son of Bradley Nowell and Troy Dendekker. Jakob’s father Bradley became incredibly famous for singing and music production. For many years, he was the lead singer of Sublime.

Bradley died when Jakob was only 11 months old at that time Sublime was on a tour in North California. And the cause of Bradley’s death was a heroin overdose. He died at an age of 28 on May 25, 1996, which was really devasting news to the world of rock and especially for Nowell’s family.

After the death of Jakob’s father, his mother remarried to another guy from where the couple was blessed with three children, so, Jakob has three half-siblings from his step-father and mother.

Jakob father died at a young age

Jakob lost his father when he was just 28 years old, at that time, Jakob was only 11 months old. The cause of Bradley’s death was a heroin overdose when the Sublime team was going to their next concert.

He died in San Francisco at Ocean View Motel at the same place where his bandmates were staying. In the morning, Bradley was already dead and the time of the concert was about to happen so, one of the Sublime members Bud Gaugh call his name but there was no response later, they got to know that he was already dead at the midnight.

Jakob Nowell Is An Advocate For Drugs And Addiction

As a father, Jakob was not free from the Drugs addiction too and he started to drink alcohol from teenagers and struggle with the addiction for more than 10 years.

Later, Jakob started to think about the addiction very seriously and live in Rehab for some years but his interest in music was much upgraded due to his free time in rehab. He even wrote a song ‘There and Back Again’ which was released in 2018.

After battling with drug addiction for a year he began to take his life seriously and conquer the battle of this suffering. By now, he is not just a winner from drug addiction but also an advocate for drugs and addictions creating awareness and programs regularly to help addicts.

Nowell’s parent’s relationship life

Jakob’s parents were in a relationship for a long time but after getting married their relationship did not last even a month and the cause of this dilemma was death. Bradley died just after some weeks of getting married and their wedding ceremony was held on June 25, 1995, in Las Vegas.

After the death of Bradley his mother remained unmarried for almost seven years and finally on November 1, 2002, she got married to Kiki Holmes. From this marriage life, the couples were blessed with three children’s Rudy, Mary, and another child whose name has not been revealed to the public.

Troy and Keith Holmes lived a happy life together for more than 15 years before their relationship began to tremble and they both filed a divorce case on June 25, 2018, but there is no information available about their divorce case.

He’s the lead singer of LAW

In 2013, Jacob followed his father’s footsteps and founded a band called LAW with guitarist Aidan Palacios, bassist Login Spellacy and drummer Nicholas Aguilar.

At a very young age, Nowell fell head over heels with Music and started performing his first stage program while still in elementary school. He also taught himself to play guitar with the help of his grandfather. His band LAW has already released some songs like Locked Away In San Diego, Blinking, Cold, and a few others.

Nowell Is About to get married

Nowell has a girlfriend named Ashlyn Zeda and he often used to post pictures of Ashlyn on his social media account. They got engaged and there is a plan to get married soon. The couple first meets in 2014 since then they started to live together and support each other by September 19, 2002, they are an engaged couple.

Social Media

Jakob James Nowell with his parents

Jakob James Nowell is really famous on the internet. In addition to having a youtube music channel with a modest number of subscribers, he has 15k+ followers on Instagram. He also has a really good reach in these Social Media platforms and uses them for good. Jakob also shares about his life on these platforms and constantly tries to make things better for himself.

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