Who Is Jake Johnson’s Wife, Erin Payne?

Erin Payne

Erin Payne is a very talented and professional American painter who has won the American Painting Reader’s Choice award in 2012. But she is not known by her profession, instead, she is well-known by people as Jake Johnson’s wife.

Jake is a professional American actor, comedian, as well as a writer. It’s already been over a decade and a half since the two got married but looking at them, they are like a newly wedded couple. They are very happy together and their bond is very strong especially after the birth of their children.

Jake is very private and likes to keep low about his family so there is not much information available about his wife Erin Payne. Don’t get confused, he likes to keep his family private but he does but only occasionally but don’t worry we have gathered detail you guys need to know about Erin Payne.

Who is Erin Payne?

Various sources and sites suggest that Erin was born on September 8, 1971, in San Diego, California, but this information about her birthday is yet to be verified.

Erin likes to keep her life really private in which her husband also helps her so we don’t really know about her early life and exact birthdate and birthplace. Considering the fact some sites have mentioned her birthdate, which suggests she is now 50 years old but we don’t know if it’s really the truth or not as both Erin and her husband have never said anything about her early life, and Jake has never wished her happy birthday in public or posted in any of his social media accounts.

In 2002 Erin graduated from the School of the Arts Institute of Chicago and started her career as an artist. Later, she went to Claremont Graduate University, a private, all-graduate research university in Claremont, California. and completed her Masters of Fine Arts in 2011.

As mentioned soon after she graduated from the School of the Arts she started her career as an artist and moved to Los Angeles according to her LinkedIn profile.

And as mentioned above she received an award, and when talking about her interest or passion she said “During the years following graduation, I realized art was the only thing I was willing to sacrifice comfort and money for. I could also pursue all of my interests within it, so I was hooked.” She also added “My husband’s exemplary work ethic and dedication to his dreams are qualities I admire, as well as his humility to continue to grow and evolve. My husband embodies all of these qualities.”

Erin Payne and Jake Johnson Love Life

Many sources and fans have their own version of the story on when the two met and married, as the pair have remained silent about their love life no one really knows about the details, even high-level media and sites don’t know their story but let’s know what various sources have talked about the pair.

Reports suggest that the two of them met in the middle of the 2000s, and other sources say that they were together since 2005 and got married in 2006, but it seems to have been fake news, as their marriage details were published on theamm.org, they got married in July 2011.

The couple has two children, 2014 Jake and Erin welcomed their twin daughter. They have kept their marriage life private from the media and according to Jake their marriage is filled with full of love, trust, and respect and when he kissed Megan Fox in the sitcom New Girl, Erin had no problem with it.

He said in an interview: The least jealous person I know is my wife. I know, I know, actors say that, and if you’re not an actor you kind of roll your eyes, but set kissing is not jealousy. When I would get on Twitter, people would be like, “You lucky b***ard.” And I’d be like, if you were there, you’d know it’s just technical. After kissing her, we cut, and I’m like, “Did I block her light?”

Erin Payne Doesn’t Drink

If your partner doesn’t drink then Jake has some advice for you guys. “Listen, my wife doesn’t drink,” he pointed out. “Guys do not seem to be affected by a girl’s desire to drink or not to drink at all. Most guys I know have a group of guys with whom they party. I don’t think a girl’s party attitude or non-party attitude matters. When I get together with my male party buddies, we party together for a long time. My wife doesn’t come with us She’s invited, but she has no interest. I don’t need her to be there. My wife and I aren’t doing keg stands together.”

If somebody was against drinking, that’s entirely different because a guy might say, “I don’t want them to judge me or be a buzzkill to my night. But if a person doesn’t drink a lot of it’s not important to them, what ends up happening is that if you’re out and a guy has two drinks, he will change for the night and become more relaxed.”

When they get that facial expression like, ‘Ugh, this is annoying’, then that’s the disconnect. It’s not that she didn’t want to drink; it’s that we’re no longer on the same page,” he explained.

Erin Payne Net Worth

There is no information on how much she earns or her net worth but her husband Jake Johnson on the other hand has a net worth of $8 million as per the reports.

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