Who is Notorious Killer Jaime Osuna? He Beheaded his Roommate

Jaime Osuna

An inmate in California named Jaime Osuna, who is also a Satanist was found guilty of beheading his cellmate. He decapitated the body of his Cellmate with a “shank” all the way back in 2019. The prison guard did not catch Jaime till much later. So, what was this incident about in full? Let us find out.

Jaime Osuna Murders Luis Romero in Jail

Jaime Osuna, who was 31 at the time beheaded a 44-year-old cellmate named Luis Romero. Romero was already deal when the guards at the State prison found them. This was reported by every major news outlet in the area.

The reports did not have an explanation as to why the guards did not find the body sooner. Romero’s family also sued the state prison demanding a jury trial. They want money for the damages caused to Romero.

Justin Sterling, who is an attorney for Romero’s family said that the family was feeling quite disheartened to get justice for their son’s untimely murder in jail. The lawyer also made a valid argument that the guards were not making proper kinds of checks.

In the report, it was found that the Department of Corrections had done a solid investigation from the beginning on this case. The documents in court also said that the guards had not checked the cell even when the bedsheet was draped along the bars in both people’s cells.

Full Detail of the event

Jaime Osuna

The incident took place early in the morning. It was the 9th of March in 2019. The officials in Corcoran State Prison were doing a safety check when they looked on the other side of the bedsheet of Romero and he was there lying all decapitated. Osuna, on the other hand, was wearing a necklace made from Romero’s body parts.

Luis Romero’s killer Jaime Osuna’s picture was made public and his face is quite scary. Knowing after what he has done, anyone would be scared of the guy!

The District Attorney for Kings County named Attorney Phil Esbenshade admitted that it was one of the most horrific killings that he had ever come across in his long career. He said that the killing was quite a heinous act.

Did Osuna Really behead Romero?

Yes, He did. One of the cellmates who saw the killing said that Osuna had a sadistic look in his eyes. And he chopped off Romero’s fingers, cut one of his eyes, took out his rips, and sliced his lung out. After totally beheading Romero, Osuna posed with his lifeless body and even wore a necklace made from Romero’s body parts.

What were Osuna and Romero in prison for?

Romero had already spent 27 years in prison and his sentence was actually coming to the end at the time of his death. He was placed in the cell with Osuna after Osuna came from Mule Creek State Prison. Osuna was convicted of second-degree murder after he shot a woman in Compton when he was a teenager.

He was also serving a life sentence for torturing and murdering a woman named Yvette Pena at a motel in 2011. Osuna has tattooed his whole face and he looks like a very dark figure. He looks like Charles Manson and has that Satanic look about him.

On this trial, Osuna actually mocked the victim’s family and even bragged about his murders to a reporter. He also said that he likes to torture people. The jailors used to keep Osuna in a single cell until he had Romero as a cellmate.

The judge sends Jaime to Salinas Valley State’s psychiatric treatment program. This was after the doctors diagnosed him with Schizophrenia, Antisocial Personality, and Borderline Personality disorder. The judge told the press that Osuna was not mentally fit to even stand on trial for Romero’s death. This actually makes sense. No sane man would be able to do what Osuna did!

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