Who is Nancy Pelosi’s daughter, Jacqueline Pelosi?

Jacqueline Pelosi
Date of Birth June 25, 1995
Profession Politician
Mother Nancy Pelosi

Jacqueline Pelosi is popular as the daughter of Nancy Patricia Pelosi and Paul Francis Nancy. She is an American politician who serves as the speaker of the US House of Representatives. She has been in this role since 2019.

Who is Jacqueline?

Jacqueline’s birthday and birth year is still unknown. She was, though, born in the states. We guess she is currently in her 50’s currently.

Her personal information is kept private but as we discussed, we do know her parents Paul and Nancy.

Her father Paul is actually a businessman who runs Financial Leasing Services. Similarly, her mother Nancy is a politician. Jacqueline also has four siblings named Nancy, Christine, Paul, and Alexandra.

Politics runs in the Pelosi family. Jacqueline’s sister Christine is also a politician. She belongs to the democratic party and she is also the author of Campaign Boot Camp (2007) which is a guide to successful campaigning.

Similarly, her other sister Alexandra is also a journalist, documentary, filmmaker, and writer.

Jacqueline’s stats of height and weight are not public but we have dissected her available pictures. She has a fair complexion with big eyes and a charming smile. Her eyes are dark brown and she has black hair.

She is an Art Teacher

Starting from January 2005 she has been working as a director at Art Mix Creative Learning Center and this center focuses on the creativity of toddlers and teens by art.

From her childhood, Jacqueline was very interested to open an art business and now she has fulfilled her dream and this art school focuses on specially-abled students and normal as well.

Before she opened this school she worked at M.D. Anderson Cancer Center for some time from where she developed love with disabling child more than ever. In the 90s she also worked with many child organizations and later she also worked with Gourmet Magazine as promotions coordinator.

Jacqueline married Michael Terence Kenneally

By now Jackie is a married woman and her husband’s name is Michael Terence Kenneally. Her husband is a businessman and his ethnicity is Irish.

They did marry in 1993 and their marriage took place in the Catholic Church of St. Helena. In their marriage ceremony, both side’s families and friends were present.

Her husband has worked as a Business Unit Manager at his dad’s business BS&B Safety Systems. By now this couple has living in Houston, Texas since 1993.

Jacqueline Pelosi shares three children

The couple is now blessed with three children and their name is LiamSean, and Ryan Kenneally. All of them are now young and grown-up as well.

Liam is working as an Analyst and Innovation Strategist at United Airlines which is located in Illinois, he completed his education from Georgetown University with Bachelor in Science in BSFS, Culture, Politics, and Economics.

Likewise, Jacqueline another son Sean Kenneally is still trying to do his best for his future because he is still in his 20s, and as far as we know this boy is doing his best in sports and he is also looking for a way to get enroll in sports as well.

Another son Ryan is also on his school days and he is also a sports freak, he also played football for Strake Jesuit High School. By now he is studying Bachelor of Science degree at High Point College based in North Carolina.

Jacqueline has four siblings

Jacqueline has two elder sisters and their name is Nancy Corinne Prowda and she was born in 1964 whereas, her other sister’s name is Christine Pelosi and she was born in 1966.

Her elder sister Nancy has been working as a sales and marketing manager in Fountain Hill and she is married to Theodore Jeffrey Prowda.

And her other sister Christine is working as an author and Democratic Party Political strategist by now she has a kid and she is married to Peter Kaufman.

Her younger brother’s name is Paul Pelosi and he was born in 1969 whereas her younger sister’s name is Alexandra Pelosi and she was born in 1970.

Her younger brother is one of the successful businessmen and he has served on many top companies in the USA as a board of directors. Alexandra is the mother of two and she is in the media world.

Her father runs a financial business

There is no information currently available to report about Jacqueline’s career. Talking about her father, Paul Francis Pelosi’s career, he is a businessman. Furthermore, he also owns and runs a company named Financial Leasing Services, Inc.

The company is based in San Francisco and it is a real estate and venture capital investment as well as consulting firm.

In addition, he was also the owner of the Sacramento Mountain Lions of the United Football League. The team has already been dissolved though.

Jacqueline mother is a politician

nancy pelosi

Moving on to her mother, Nancy, she is an American politician that serves as the Speaker of the United States House of Representatives. She has been in this role since 2019. She was previously serving from 2007 to 2011.

This means that She has also served as a U.S Representative from California since the year 1987. Nancy is also second in the line of succession after the vice president of the United States. So, that is a big deal.

Nancy was first elected to congress in 1987 following her father, Thomas D’Alessandro Jr. She is also the head of California’s congressional delegation. She began her 17th term in 2019.

Nancy also acted for California’s 12th congressional district. This consists of a major part of the city and county of San Francisco.

She has le the Democratic house since 2003 and the same year, she also became the first woman to ever lead a party in congress. She also served twice as a minority house leader as well as a speaker of the house of representatives.

She lost the speakership in 2011 after the Republican Party won a majority in the 2010 elections. She did, however, remain leader of the House of Democratic party and also returned to the role of minority house leader.

In the 2018 midterm elections, the Democrats regained control of the house. In addition, when the 116th congress was convened, she was elected a speaker again.

Thus, she became the first former speaker to return to the post since Sam Rayburn in 1955. Under her leadership, the House of Representatives impeached then President Donald Trump on December 18, 2019.

Net Worth

Jacqueline is not there on any social media platforms right now. So, much of her life has remained private. Despite being a rather successful personality, she has been away from the media spotlight.

Her income sources have also not been made public but her mother Nancy has a net worth of $120 million. Similarly, Paul has an estimated net worth of $114 Million.

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