All About Paul Rudd Son – Jack Sullivan Rudd (Biography, Net Worth)

Jack Sullivan Rudd with Paul Rudd
Date of Birth 2006
Father Paul Rudd


Jack Sullivan Rudd is the 14 year old son of the famous American actor, writer, comedian and producer Paul Rudd.

Jack is famous because of his father and mother’s celebrity status. His father is an actor in The Avengers and his mother is also a big deal in the movie industry. His mother is actually a publicist as well as a screenwriter.

Jack is much like his dad and the dad-son bond is pretty strong. They are frequently seen together in public.

Who is Jack Sullivan Rudd?

Jack Rudd was born in the year 2006. While we don’t know in what state he was born but he was indeed born and is being raised in America. All his private information is hidden.

We don’t know about his physical measurements as well as his education. We do know that Jack is currently enjoying a pretty lavish childhood at Greenwich Village in the NYC.

Paul met his wife Julie Yaegeri in 1995. They began dating for a while and got married in front of a close circle of friends in 2003. They had Jack in 2006 and another child, a girl named Darby in 2010.

Jack’s younger sister is currently just 11 years old. The girl loves the Marvel comics and she says that she enjoys watching her father become Ant Man.

We once saw Paul with her daughter in the wasp costume walking on the street of New York. It was pretty cute.

Jack is a charming young boy but he is not dating anymore. He is very young to be having an active dating life. His personal life is also pretty mysterious.

Jack’s parents have a really wonderful married life. The couple met when they were working on the film called Clueless at the office of Paul’s publicist. There are no problems in their marriage and the couple lives a very happy life in their own house.


Jack is pretty young to have a career right now. He is focused on his childhood and education and has no real professional life. He also doesn’t have any source of income. But his dad is very rich. Too rich in fact! We will get into the exact figures later.

Anyway, the famous actor Paul has earned a significant portion of wealth from being a producer as well as a screenwriter.

Paul has starred in many hit films and TV Shows. The movies include All is Bright, Fun Mom Dinner, Prince Avalanche, Anchorman 2, Captain America, Ant-Man, Avengers: Endgame and more.

He has been in movies that have grossed over $2 Billion so, this makes him an incredibly high profile actor.

Jack Sullivan Rudd Net Worth

As we said already, Jack is still a child to have a net worth but his dad is an entirely another deal altogether. Paul Rudd has over $70 million in his bank account. Yes, he is that rich!

His earnings are generally from the different projects he has done in Hollywood. But aside that, he also has many brand deals and a wide variety of other income sources that contribute to his overall net worth.

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