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Thomas David Black

Thomas David Black is a renowned star kid whose father is a famous American actor, comedian, and musician Jack Black and his mother Tanya Haden is a popular music artist. It is no surprise that after watching Jack Black in numerous movies and keeping in mind that he has always entertained us, every one of us is naturally curious to know more about him and the people around him.

So in this piece, we will be looking into the life of Jack Black’s son Thomas and in the meantime, we will also talk about his school, social media presence, family, and a few interesting things about him.

Thomas was named after his father

It may sound familiar upon hearing the name Thomas David Black, especially to the fans of Jack Black as Jack’s full name is Thomas Jacob “Jack” Black. And why would not it seem or sound familiar as Thomas after all is a son of Jack and he was even named after him (Jack).

“It’s Thomas. I said we named the baby after me, but I didn’t say that my actual name is Thomas. I was in the delivery room. I didn’t catch the baby but I did touch his head before he was all the way out, which was a very surreal experience. I like to think that I helped!” Jack told People.

Thomas was born on “May 23, 2008”, and as per the reports, he weighed 6 pounds at his birth. His zodiac sign is Gemini. He is American by nationality however, he has a mixed family background of Scottish, English, Irish, and Germany. Most probably he grew up in Los Angeles along with his brother Samuel Jason Black. Thomas is around two years younger than his brother Samuel.

He is enrolled in Hebrew school

As Thomas was born in a Jew family so naturally, he would be following Jewish culture. When Thomas was at the age for him to go to school, his parents were a bit worried about what school they should send him to, In an interview with Team Coco in 2012, Jack revealed that his wife and he were under “so much stress about where they’re gonna go to school.”

However, later both Jack and Tanya agreed on sending both of their children to a Hebrew school. Since their family is Jew, they learn more about Jewish culture and history in the school.

Jack is afraid of his son Thomas

Certainly, Jack loves both his sons and is pretty proud and grateful towards them but Nacho Libre star revealed in his film The D Train’s premiere in 2015 to Us Weekly that he is afraid of his son.

“My little boy doesn’t love me anymore. But my big boy, I’m still doing good with him. But I think it’s going to work out in the end. He then humorously said, “Sometimes I’m afraid my little one is going to murder me. Sometimes there’s some genuine rage in his eyes. And he told me he’s going to kill me. But I think it’s just a phase.”

It has been around seven years since then and Thomas is now nearly 14 years old, and the father-son duo is often seen together in various events so now it seems that the fear Jack had has now disappeared.

Thomas is influenced by his parents?

It seems that Thomas and his brother Samuel are influenced by their father. According to Jack, both of his sons are pretty creative and they are pretty absorbed with making short films. In a talk with the People magazine in December 2019, Jack said,

“They both have made cool little short films on their iPhones. I [am] so proud and grateful for my family.” He also added, “I love just hanging poolside with the boys, with [wife Tanya Haden] and the boys. A day by the pool, that’s a nice day off.”

Maybe the reason they are creative is because of their gene? because their grandparents Thomas William Black and Judith Love Cohen both were satellite engineers at Hubble Space Telescope.

Furthermore, while Thomas is still to make a debut in the film industry, his brother has already worked on one of the biggest animated movie projects, Kung fu Panda 3 where he voiced one of the rabbit villagers.

Thomas has thousands of followers


#stitch with @consequence @jackblack @tommy_black_2020

♬ original sound – SinfernallyDivine

Jack’s youngest son Thomas has accounts on major social media platforms including Youtube, Instagram, and Tiktok. However, as of now, he seems to have deactivated all his social accounts. He used to be active on Youtube with a username “Guy Man” and similarly he was active on Instagram with a username “@buzz_lightyear_5000” and on Tiktok “@Tommy_black_2020”

Jack Black lets his children watch mature content with him

Everyone around the world changes or turns off the TV if there is some mature content in films however, Jack has a different way of dealing with it. In late 2019, Black told Fitzy and Wippa on the radio station Nova 96.9 that he allow his children to watch mature content in films.

If the kids really want to see it then he lets his kids watch it. He said, “As long as you have the remote in hand so if something gets out of control, you can pause and have a little talk. As long as you’re there and aware of what’s going on and you’re ready to talk to them or ready to leave if it’s too intense.”

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