Nicole Kidman’s Daughter – Isabella Jane Cruise Was Adopted

Isabella Jane Cruise
Born Miami, Florida
Profession Hairdresser
Father Tom Cruise
Husband Max Parker
Net Worth $5 Million

Hollywood celebrities have a knack for adopting children. Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman also did this heavily in the 90s and Isabella Jane Cruise was one such child.

She is globally recognized as the adopted child of the Hollywood couple. Isabella was adopted when Nicole went through a miscarriage in the 1990.


Isabella was born in Miami, Florida. She was delivered by a member who remains unknown but the women who gave birth to her couldn’t afford her.

This resulted in the Church of Scientology to come in. They called Tom and Nicole and then they adopted Isabella. Her nickname is Bella and she is of white ethnicity.

Tom and Nicole raised Bella like their own daughter. She had a comfortable childhood but the couple did keep Bella out of the limelight.

Tom never took Isabella to any Hollywood events or shows. Isabella also did not chase the glamourous life of Hollywood. She became a screenplay writer though.

Jane couldn’t really attend regular school when she was a child so, she was sent to London for studying art. While on this school, Isabella took a course on Hairdressing for 12 months.

When she completed her course in UK, she went on to pursue a small career on make up art. She attended the Delamar Academy in London which is famous for being an institute that teaches the subject.

Isabella was just one of the many child that the Cruise family adopted in the 90s. A boy named Connor was also adopted. Connor currently lives in Florida and he was born in 1995.

Connor is in the entertainment business and he works a DJ. The 22 year old Connor is about to marry his long time Italian girlfriend named Silvia.

What does Isabella Jane Cruise do?

Scientology is a type of religion that provides a precise path for a true spiritual nature. It is a spiritual religion and Tom cruise has been a devout scientologist his whole life.

In the similar fashion, Isabella is also a scientologists. A devout one at that and she currently works for the Church of Scientology.

Aside from work, Isabella also enjoys life. She has an interesting personal life. She had a few boyfriends earlier but non of the relationships really worked.

But after a while, she found stability and she is now married to an IT consultant by the name of Max Parker. Max lives in London and the couple got married in around 2015. Both have lived a really comfortable life till now.

What is Isabella’s net worth?

It is estimated that Isabella is worth a lot of money. While Tom and Nikole earn a boat load of cash from their Hollywood careers, it is not really evident how much they have allowed to their children.

Isabella has a successful career in the church and she has also married a rich enough IT consultant. Add to that she drives a $20,000 worth of car so, we guess her net worth is somewhere in the millions.

How many millions we are not sure though. But if we have to make a guess, it would be around $5 million.

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