Is Tyler Perry Gay? About His Sexuality

Tyler Perry

Tyler Perry is one of the famous American actor who is known for his best work on various TV show and for movies as well. His many films has made more than half billion on box office and from 1990s to 2000s he was featured as one of the best and actor with highest paying fee.

His shows Tyler Perry’s House of Payne is one of the most famous and recognized show, for this show he also signed multi-year partnership with the Oprah Winfrey Network which is also known for producing best shows like The Haves and the Have Nots

Tyler Lepley clarified that Tyler Perry is not gay

Tyler Lepley is the stars of The Haves and the Have Nots show and he is also very close to Tyler Perry at the time many fans of Tyler started to think Perry as a gay.

And the gay rumor was spread for many years until 2020 when Perry friend Lepley confirmed that Perry is not gay. Talking with CinematicTV with Angela Yee he said, “Tyler Perry gets the rap like that because I came out on his show, and I know Tyler [Perry] personally, and he is not homosexual. It looked like I was gay or something when I was seen around him and people said, ‘he’s rubbing off on me.”

Perry was sexually abuse in his Childhood

Talking with the People in 2018, he said he was sexually molested by many men and woman before he was even 10 years old. And at that time he was very tired mentally and used to said for himself, “Boys don’t cry, shut up and move on.”

Due to his bad childhood and memories he used to be a short temper guy and gets angry easily on many things, taking with the People he said , “In my teenage years and my twenties, anger had a lot to do with holding on to all that, not knowing how to deal with it.”

Perry used to share his feeling by writing about it and till now he said if he gets anxious he write about it and it gives him relief.

He started writing after watching Oprah Winfrey show about healing power by writing since, then he has been writing more and more. Also, Terry first stage show in 1998 is about survivors of child abuse.

Perry is also on social work where he has been and planning more to spread healing and relief for the victims of abuse and for trafficked women as well as for LGBTQ.

Talking with CBS This Morning he said, “It consists of 330 acres where prisoners can be trained in business skills, self-sufficient, live in nice apartments, receive day care, develop social skills, and prepare to re-enter society.”

His ex-partner Gelila Bekele

Tyler son name is Aman Tyler who was born through his relation with Gelila Bekele. Perry and Gelila met at Prince concert in 2007, their relationship started from that time. As soon as they met they started to fall in love and also started to date.

From their years of relation they also welcomed their son Aman Tyler who was born in 2010 but in late 2020 Tyler announced breakup with Gelila.

According to some news source like EOnline, although they breakup but they are very much committed to raise their son together and will be best friends forever.


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