Is Tyler Perry Gay? His Sexuality Explored

Tyler Perry

There might only be a few people who are unaware of the popular film character Madea Earlene Simmons. There are several films of Madea and the person who created and brought the character to life is a well-known, self-made American actor, director, and producer Tyler Perry. Perry was inspired by his mother and aunt to create the character Madea.

Perry owns his 330-acre studio which is said to be the biggest or largest film production studio in America. However, even though Perry is pretty successful and well-known we don’t know much about his personal life. Perry is not married although he has had a dating history in the past. There have been rumors circulating on the internet that claim Perry is gay and this rumor has been circulating for years but is he really gay?

Is Tyler Perry Gay?

Tyler Lepley is the star of The Haves and the Have Nots show and he is also very close to Tyler Perry at the time many fans of Tyler started to think Perry was gay.

And the gay rumor was spread for many years until 2020 when Perry’s friend Lepley confirmed that Perry is not gay. Talking with CinematicTV with Angela Yee he said, “Tyler Perry gets the rap like that because I came out on his show, and I know Tyler [Perry] personally, and he is not homosexual. It looked like I was gay or something when I was seen around him and people said, ‘he’s rubbing off on me.”

This is what we will discuss in this piece but first let’s learn why and how the rumors of him being gay started even though he is dating an Ethiopian model. People started questioning Perry’s sexuality ever since he portrayed the character of Madea.

Madea is a grandma character and to portray the character Perry had to cross-dress as a grandma which is the reason people started to question his sexuality. Well, there is more reason why people think Perry is gay but we will talk about it in detail later in the article.

Now to the main point, No Tyler Perry is not gay. In an interview with Yee, actor Tyler Lepley told that he heard rumors of him as well as Tyler Perry being gay but he put all these rumors to an end. He said, “I came out on a Tyler Perry show and for whatever reason [Perry] gets a rap like that and I know Tyler personally and he’s not gay. I was seen around him and all of a sudden ‘he’s rubbing off on me’ and people felt like I was gay or something like that.”

However, people commented that he should not speak for others and there were also people saying how can he speak about other person’s sexuality with certainty. While there were many people arguing he should not speak about others, there were also people who said that Tyler Perry is indeed gay.

Perry’s ex-friend claims Perry’s gay

Back in 2013, a guy named Walter Lee Hampton posted a video on Youtube where he talked about his relationship with Tyler Perry and his sexuality. He said that he used to be friends with Perry and when he first met Perry, he (Perry) used to come out as gay.

He further said in a video that Perry asked him to keep his sexuality a secret because he was in church and wanted to preserve the support he was getting from the church. He further called Perry’s decision to keep his sexuality secret a “money-making venture” because Perry had gathered a large number of followers and he was scared of losing them.

He mentioned that he was disappointed with Perry because he “turned his back on the Black gay community.” Soon after the video was uploaded it became viral and Hampton got a deep cut on his face. Many people thought that Perry’s supporters did this to Hampton but he revealed that a glass door fell on his head.

Why do people think Tyler Perry is gay?

As mentioned Perry is believed to be gay because he portrays a woman character Madea in movies but it’s not the only reason. Back in 2016, Perry raised his voice to support the LGBTQ community. He urged the former Georgia Governor Nathan Deal to reject a discriminatory or anti-gay bill. In an interview, he was asked if he consider his character Madea an ally of the LGBTQ community and he said, “Oh, 100 percent. Yeah, 100 percent. Absolutely. As am I, and have always been,” after his response people again started questioning his sexuality.

Perry’s spokesperson stated, “At Tyler Perry Studios, we believe in inclusion and equality for all people, we do not tolerate bigotry, division, and discrimination.”

Furthermore, Perry also provided shelter for the homeless LGBTQ youth in his new film studio in 2019. He said that many young people became homeless after they come out as gay and the way their families treated those LGBTQ  kids really bothered him. Moreover, fans were also suspect Perry hired muscular guys for his plays and films because he is gay. Also, when Tyler Lepley was cast in Perry’s series The Haves and the Have Nots, people thought that the two of them were couples.

But Perry only has a dating history with women and currently, he was dating an Ethiopian model with whom he also shares his seven years old sons named Aman Tyler Perry. However, back in 2020 Perry and his long-time girlfriend Gelila Bekele broke up.

However, even though he has a child and has a history of dating only women, rumors about him being gay have not stopped.

Tyler Perry’s dating history

Back in 2006, Perry was rumored to be dating actress, model, and television personality Tyra Banks as they were seen together in public numerous times. Similarly, he was also rumored to have dated American singer and actress Fantasia Barrino.

In 2007, Perry started his relationship with an Ethiopian model Gelila Bekele who he met at a Prince concert. As mentioned they also share a son. He announced that he is single back on December 17, 2020, through an Instagram post.

His ex-partner Gelila Bekele

Tyler’s son name is Aman Tyler who was born through his relationship with Gelila Bekele. Perry and Gelila met at a Prince concert in 2007, their relationship started from that time. As soon as they met they started to fall in love and also started to date.

From their years of relation, they also welcomed their son Aman Tyler who was born in 2010 but in late 2020 Tyler announced a breakup with Gelila.

According to some news sources like E! Online, although they break up they are very much committed to raising their son together and will be best friends forever.

Perry was sexually abused in his Childhood

Talking with the People in 2018, he said he was sexually molested by many men and women before he was even 10 years old. And at that time he was very tired mentally and used to say to himself, “Boys don’t cry, shut up and move on.”

Due to his bad childhood and memories he used to be a short temper guy and gets angry easily about many things, taking with the People he said, “In my teenage years and my twenties, anger had a lot to do with holding on to all that, not knowing how to deal with it.”

Perry used to share his feeling by writing about them and till now he said if he gets anxious he writes about it and it gives him relief.

He started writing after watching Oprah Winfrey’s show about healing power writing since then he has been writing more and more. Also, Terry’s first stage show in 1998 is about survivors of child abuse.

Perry is also on social work where he has been and planning more to spread healing and relief for the victims of abuse and for trafficked women as well as for LGBTQ.

Talking with CBS This Morning he said, “It consists of 330 acres where prisoners can be trained in business skills, self-sufficient, live in nice apartments, receive daycare, develop social skills, and prepare to re-enter society.”

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