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Is Tyler Hoechlin Married? About His Relationships



Tyler Hoechlin

Does Tyler Hoechlin have a wife? If yes, who is she? We are going to answer it today. If you don’t know, Tyler Hoechlin is a veteran actor who is also Superman! He is playing the role of Superman on CW’s TV show Superman & Lois. Because of his impressive performance, a lot of people are now looking for answers and they want to know if Tyler is married or not. Today, we answer that question!

Early Life and Career

Tyler Hoechlin was born in the year 1987 in California. His birthdate falls on 11th of September every year. The star is pretty famous for his role as Derek Hale in the show Teen Wolf from 2011 to 2017. Now, he plays the role of Clark Kent/Superman for CW. This new CW series is must watch and it airs every Tuesday at 8 PM on CW. The story follows Clark and Lois from a human perspective! Tyler has also appeared as Superman in CW’s other DC Series such as Flash, Arrow, Supergirl and Batwoman.

As a Child, Tyler was a pretty skilled baseball player but he also had a deep passion for the fame and fortune that acting would bring! He also liked acting so, his first role came at an early age of 11 when he decided to be in the movie Happy Hunting.

After that, he was chosen to play the role of Michael Sullivan Jr. from more than two thousands actors who auditioned for the role in the movie Road to Perdition. He got to star with Tom Hanks in this movie. He even received many awards for this role and was even voted as the Best Young Actor in many award ceremonies.

After this, he took a break from acting and did some minor roles here and there before landing the role of Derek Hale in MTV’s Teen Wolf. He was pretty good in this show and because of that, he got the role of Superman in the CW DC Universe. Tyler first played Superman in the show Supergirl.

He has been a really successful actors over the years and he looks to be in more films and shows in the future. But this article is not about his success and filmography. We are exploring his relationships so, what better way than to start from his previous relations?

Previous Relationships


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Tyler is a successful as well as a good looking person so, he is bound to attract the attention of many women in his life. In fact, he is known to date co-stars. Yes, he dates a lot of co-stars, He was frequently linked to the Teen Wolf star when he was young. He was also linked to the Vampire Diaries star Candice Accola. They dated for around 1 year but they had to break up in 2005.

His most high profile relation though came in the year 2010 when he started dating the beautiful Rachele Brooke Smith. Don’t recognize her? She is the star of the shows like Glee, How I Met your Mother and a lot more! You might recognize her now! Rachele and Tyler started dating in 2010 and made public appearances together. They seemed quite happy and Tyler used to talk extensively about her in different interviews. But this did not last long and they broke up in 2012.

When this relationship did not work, Tyler went on to date the American beauty Brittany Snow. She is an actress who is quite famous for her role in the movie John Tucker Must Die. The couple were in a relationship and photos started to emerge soon after. A photo went viral that showed Brittany and Tyler making out during Brittany’s birthday party.

When this incident happened, Tyler posted a picture of Him and Brittany on instagram. This relationship did not last long though, they soon broke up and it is quite not clear what led to their separation. But, life moves on and Tyler got into another relationship in 2015 with a German supermodel, Alena Gerber.

The photos of this couple also got quite famous. While there was no official confirmation about the relationship, the relationship still was there. It was pretty lowkey though.

Is Tyler Hoechlin married?

rachele brooke smith and tyler hoechlin

Right now, Tyler Hoechlin does not have a spouse. So, No he is not married! He seems to be living a really great life though being single and free.

As we have already discussed, he has had quite a few relationship over the years but he still is quite a private person when it comes to his dates. The only time he was open about his relationship was when he dated Rachele in 2010. But sadly, that did not last and after that, every relation he has been in has been quite mysterious!

Speaking to Cosmopolitan, Tyler said that he loves to have a really spontaneous date. He said that once he went to Hawaii just for a date! Crazy, right? But it might be not that crazy given the fact that Tyler has a lot of money in the bank so, he can literally do whatever he want!

But how much money are we talking? Let us find out what his net worth is next!

Net Worth

Tyler Hoechlin is  a really successful TV star who has done a lot of work. With work comes money in the entertainment industry and he is no short of money. Tyler has had a net worth of $4 million dollars. This net worth is the result of his many years of acting career as well as his investments, savings and other revenue streams.

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