Is Tom Selleck Married? Who is His Wife

tom selleck

Tom Selleck is working on an entertainment industry from long time and he has got huge success on it as well.

He was very busy actor and he is still acting, so many fans of him searches for the question like is Tom Selleck Married? Or does he even have a time to be in relationship.

Tom Selleck is a married man and he had married twice, from where he also have one son and one daughter.

Let’s learn more about Tom Selleck Married life and also about his Ex-wife.

Tom and Jillie Relationship

Jillie Mack is a British born woman and she was born in 1957. She is also one of the famous British actress who has already worked on television movies like “Silverfox” and “Adventures of Nicholas at Roaring Camp”.

She started her career as a dancer and she was also popular dancer on her career time. And the time Tom watched her dance show about 12 times saying he was very admitted to musical but later he said the Jillie was the only reason why he watched the show many times.

After sometime, this couple fall in love and Jillie moved to Hawaii with Tom to live together forever.

This couple decided to live together happily forever so, they decided to stay away from the media attention and will not allow media to enter on their personal life.

After their healthy relationship, both decided to get married and the wish came true tying a knot on August 17, 1987.

They did married on Nevada and their marriage ceremony was small and private. This was the time when Tom was at the peak stage of his career life and he also don’t want any of his wedding photos to get leaked.

And till now this couple is living happily with strong bond of their marriage life and a bit far from unnecessary media attention.

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Tom Selleck Daughter Hannah Margaret Selleck

Tom has married Jillie Mack in 1987 and they are still living happy family life till this day. They also have one daughter named Hannah Margaret Selleck and she was born in 1988.

In 1999, when Hannah was just about 10 years old. Mack and Selleck said that they prioritize their daughter first at any cost.

With the interview with, New York Daily News, said they also communicate openly with Hannah for any decision they want to make for their daughter.

He also added that their family doesn’t do any decisions without consulting each other on family member, where Hannah is also included even if she is small.

Tom Selleck’s Ex-Wife Jacqueline Ray

As we already mentioned above that Selleck has already married Jacqueline Ray before marrying Jillie.

Tom has been married to Jacqueline for about 11 years with his adopted son Kevin Selleck. Jacqueline was a actress and her son Kevin, is still actor.

Kevin Shepard (he later became Kevin Selleck) after his biological dad Tom Selleck accept him as a son.

When Tom and Jacqueline got married in 1978, Selleck was an upcoming superstar and he has a little space in Hollywood.

Anyway, this couple stayed together for about 11 years and on this time Tom Selleck quickly grew his fame and also got the best spot on Hollywood.

There is no any exact reason why they did divorce and what was their plan, but it said that by many media and assumptions that Tom was very attractive to his female fans and it was also one of the main reason of Selleck and Ray divorce.

The divorce was done on 1989, but he was still mentoring his son Kevin Selleck on entertainment industry and helped him on his career time.

Now a days, Tom is not so active on media and always tries to keep far away from media attention, and he is also trying to make his family life more healthy and more deep.

It may can be also due to his failure on first marriage life he may have learnt something which is helping him to make his current relationship with Jillie Mack more healthy.

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