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Tom Selleck is one of the finest and greatest actor in the time of 1980s and he is still popular. With a great mustache on his face, he looks like a strong man.

But sadly, there is a rumor throughout his career saying he is homosexual and homophobe, only with little evidence or just from some movie scene where Tom Selleck act like a gay for a second.

Is Tom Selleck Gay? Tom Selleck is not Gay.

Who is Tom Selleck Partner? Jillie Mack is his partner as well as his wife also.

Selleck has been continuously denied the claim which tell that he is gay or homosexual. He has married about two times and he also has a daughter, there is also no any statement that claims him as a gay.

This rumor was spread on 1980s time and many postcard also started to publish by 1990s time. Also a newspaper publish about his gender. At the time, Tom Selleck also filed a lawsuit against newspaper company of $20 Million to end this rumor.

Let’s find in details about his past life and how rumor effect his life. Let’s continue reading below to make it more sure if Tom Selleck Gay or Not.

Is Tom Selleck Married? Who is His Wife

Tom Selleck Family

Tom Selleck is old guy who was born on 1940s in Detroit. He has been married twice till now.

Whereas, he first marriage to a model named Jacqueline Ray in 1971 and the marriage last until 1982. This couple has a one son named Kevin Selleck.

His second marriage was with Jillie Mack in 1987 and this couple has one daughter named Hannah Margaret Selleck.

His career boom when he played a role in CBS crime drama Magnum P.I. This series ran for 8 yeas from 1980 to 1988 and has also earned seven Golden Globe Nominations for The Best Actor role.

In seven time of nomination, he also win a award in 1985.

He has also appeared on box office hit movies named “Three Men and a Baby” which was a hit film series. By now, he has been playing a role as a Frank Regan in  “Blue Bloods”.

Rumors of being gay was spread from 1980s and there was a frequent issue about his sexuality on those days.

Tom Selleck vs The Globe

On early 90s, there was some legal battle between The Globe and Tom Selleck.

The Globe started to post about Tom Selleck sexuality saying his is gay. This situation came in 1991 when there was a gay rights campaign, at the time there was a placards with the face of celebs who were homosexual or bisexual.

But in Placards there was a photo of Tom Selleck also with the words written “absolutely queer” which was written below his photo.

So, this was a actual reason which cause a legal battle between Tom Selleck and The Globe.

Suing The Globe

Where Selleck filed a lawsuit with, 16 page complaint that claimed about the injury that Tom Selleck faced on his name, which also injure his and his family, reputation and relationship……. And many more legal terms.

The lawsuit was of $20 million, but the case was settled down on August 1991 with the undisclosed amount of sum.

Also, The Globe agreed to publish an apology, which includes these words “By publishing the article, the Globe did not intend to express or imply that Tom Selleck is or ever was a homosexual.”

Tom’s First Gay Character Movie Role

By this scandal many not just started to believe that he is gay but he is anti-gay and he hate homosexual. But this is also one of the rumor, Selleck is cool guy and never interface on other life.

But the rumor that he is anti-gay was stopped when he play a gay news reporter role in 1997’s film, “In & Out”.

He said he love the role and the story of this movie he did not reject the proposal for acting on this movie.

So, we can finally conclude that it is just a part of rumor that was started by The Globe. And he is not a gay not homosexual but he is heterosexual.

And he has been living with his family on his expensive mansion in California with one daughter and one step son. But yes he has played a movie role with gay character.

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