Is Tim Curry Gay? Let’s Find Out

Tim Curry

Tm Curry whose full name is Timothy James Curry is an English actor and movies like Rocky Horror Picture Show, IT and Legend has made a lot of success in the world of movie.

In this article, we will find detail about this guy’s sexuality and personal affairs in detail.

Who is Tim Curry?

Tim is one of the famous and successful actors and his movie The Rockie Horror Show has made huge money on the box office, also this movie has made a lot of memories to the older generation who loves to watch the movie on their young days.

He was born in Chesire, England, and completed his education at Lymm High School and Kingswood School. After completing high school he began studying at the University of Birmingham for the course Drama.

This guy is famous for his role as a bad guy and mostly in horror movies. His role in the movie The Rockie Horror Show as Dr. Frank-N-Furter is one of the notable and unforgettable actings.

After his role and actings, many people and fans started to think that if this guy is gay but in this article, we will learn in detail about Curry’s sexuality.

Is Tim Curry Gay?

No, he is not gay. He was rumored as gay because of his role in the movie The Rocky Horror Picture Show as Dr. Frank N. Furter. And another reason why people think of him a gay is that he is still single and childless which has added more petrol on this rumor fire.

In this world judging an actor by their appearances on the movie or show is common and without knowing reality people start to create a rumor as well.

But all of these rumors are false and Tim has never accepted his sexuality as gay which made it clear that this man is straight.

Tim Curry Past Relationship


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By now Tim doesn’t have a wife or girlfriend and he has remained unmarried. At the time, this actor’s age is 75 but till now there is no news about his relationship has been revealed.

And he also doesn’t have any children so, he is completely one person in his family. But Curry has said in an interview once that he get to fall in love a long time ago with agent Marcia Hurwitz.

Also, some news has stated that this couple used to live together for some years but the exact time is unavailable. Furthermore, the couple get separated and started living their life on their own which is way before Curry got a stroke and needed a wheelchair.

Tim Curry Sexuality Rumors Ended

All of these rumors came to an end after Tim revealed his past love experience with Marcia. He never added any girl’s name on his relationship list so, it can mean that he only fell in love once.

Anyway, fans and people judge his sexuality only due to his roles in movies, and in another region, he remained unmarried. Tim has expressed his thought about these rumors and he has said that he doesn’t feel anything seeing on those rumors.

It looks like his statement means he has is straight but even he was seen as gay by others it will not matter to him even a little bit.

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