Is The Nanny Based On A True Story?

The Nanny

It was 2018 when Lifetime film released a movie about dangerous Nannies. They released the film on July 15 at 8 PM in the evening and the movie was titled ‘The Nanny is Watching.’ So, is the story true and what is the plot like? Well, let us find out.

The plot basically revolves around a babysitter who spies on his client. Obviously, the film makes this seem incredibly dramatic. The story sounds a bit realistic and we can be sure that it was probably based on actual events but we don’t really have any idea. The movie is actually a fictional thriller that will have you at the edge of your seat.

It is a must-watch movie even though the production value is not that great. It is a budget film made on a tight budget but the direction, cinematography and overall vibe of the movie are quite great.

Cast and Crew

Let us first discuss the name of the film. The Original name for this product was ‘Nanny Surveillance.’ This name was later changed to make the movie more marketable. The plot of the film is based on the Franklin family. This family hires a nanny to help their daughter get adopted. Cinta Laura is the actress who plays Rachel the Nanny while Olivia Sembra takes on the role of Beth who is the daughter.

What is the plot in the Nanny film?

The film starts with a break-in, after which a couple installs a security system in their house. They do it but they have no idea about The Nanny who is using their security surveillance system to spy on them. The plot gets more interesting from here though.

The Nanny turns out to be Beth’s mother. And the Nanny-Daughter relationship is what you don’t see coming at the film’s beginning. Rachel who is The Nanny wanted to get closer to her daughter. This is the whole point of the movie here.

The twist comes when Beth’s adoptive parents, especially the mother do not have all of it. So, she gives a warning to Beth and urges her not to come between her and her family. This creates tension and you might have to guess what happens next! Sorry guys, we don’t want to spoil the movie for you. Just give it a watch if you want to find out what happens next. You won’t regret it. The movie is quite spooky and fun to watch.

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