Is SSSniperWolf Married? About Her Love Life


Alia Shelesh who also goes by the name Lia Shelesh is an American YouTuber who is known better and professionally as SSSniperWolf. She joined YouTube on Jan 20, 2013, and by 2021 she has gained 29.1M total subscribers. She majorly posts various gaming content and streams several games.

As per the reports, she is one of the most followed or subscribed gamers on YouTube around the world. As mentioned she used to post gaming content majorly but now she also shares different entertaining videos like vines, vlogs, DIYs, and video reactions.

In this piece of article, we will be focusing majorly on Alia’s personal life and will talk about her love life. Is she married? No, she is not married yet but does she have a boyfriend, or is she in some kind of relationship? To know more about her love life keep reading the article.

Alia Has Been in an on and off relationship with fellow YouTuber Evan Sausage Since


lia with her husband

If you are curious about her boyfriend, YouTuber Evan Sausage then you might want to check out a video which was published by Alia and it is titled How “I Met My Boyfriend” and it was published in November 2015.

In the video, Alia revealed that Evan texted her in 2013 and he said that he would drag his balls off the broken glass just hear her fart through a walkie-talkie and it was the funniest thing she ever had and since then the two of them started talking.

Evan sent a fake photo to Alia and told her it was him but after talking more he sent his real photo and Alia liked how he was with his long hair and beard. Both of them had never been in a relationship so they had to learn to be in a relationship and soon after that they started living together and committed to each other.

After being together for few years, in 2016 August the two of them got into a quarrel and they broke up. That year was really awful to the couple as they not only got into a quarrel and broke up but they also got arrested for yelling at each other. After they got into a fight Evan changed his lock screen with another girl’s picture. According to Alia she was so mad that she started yelling and she was yelling so loud that their neighbors got annoyed, which she explained in the video.

“I didn’t even scream for help. I just screamed as I hated you! I fu***** hate you. It’s just kind of stupid, I went back inside, and I start screaming again. The neighbors must have heard. Someone called the police on us, but I don’t know who.” She said in the video titled Arrested.

They have not posted their pictures together for quite a few times now but the fans feel that they are still together and to support this Alia did a question and answer in May 2020 where she said that she does not have an ex so the conclusion is she and Evan are still in a relationship and together.

Alia is not sure if she wants to have a baby or not

lia with her husband

There was a video published by Alia where she stated that she would probably marry her boyfriend Evan but after that, both of them have not talked about marriage. At that time Alia did a question and answer where she said that she did not want to have a baby even after her marriage but her point of view has now changed.

“Would I like to have one? Could this be my life? The last time I held a baby was when my sister was born, which was 19 years ago. I haven’t had contact with children or babies since then. How can I determine whether I want one or not? Perhaps in the next three or four years? Is that a reasonable timeframe?” She said in a video she published titled with When Will I Have A Baby? (Q&A).

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