Is Post Malone Gay? Let’s Find Out

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Austin Richard Post aka Post Malone is a famous American Rapper and a song writer, who gain a huge popularity from his album, “White Iverson“.

Post Malone is a very popular rapper who has already achieve a dream of millions people to became a famous rapper in the world.

Being famous is awesome top floor lifestyle, expensive cars, perfect mansion to live and many people all over the worlds wants. Despite, this success there is also a many person who constantly watches the moves and the media who always try to snoop into the personal life.

This is also the reason why the celebrities get angry to medias and photographers, who constantly follows them and wants to enter on other life.

Also, there is a lots of rumor regarding on celebrities stuffs and also on his personal appearance. So, let’s dig into the sexuality of Post Malone and be confirmed weather he is gay or not.

Is Post Malone Gay?

The sweet and short answer is No.

Anyway, Malone sexuality is still unclear because for the clear and perfect answer, Post should confirm it by himself. But there is no any confirmation about his sexuality by himself till now.

However, some reports and photos points to him as a gay or bisexual and this is because of his dressing only not his behaviors.

Post Malone is he Gay or not is a question started, when he started to climb his success ladder. Because many fans and people wants to know about the celebrity internal life and more details about him.

But this guy is not a gay and he has never dated any man or spent his private time with any man and his behavior from all part is seems like a straight man.

Post Malone is currently dating Korean TikTok star and Rapper MLMA

MLMA or Me Love Me Not is a popular Korean Tiktok star who is also a famous rapper who was born in Korea. When she started to post a flirty photos with Post Malone on her Instagram, than many started to believe that she is in a relationship with a Post Malone.

@melovemealot555he is so cute 김치냔 썸남 불고기냠 귀여워🥺❤️♬ original sound – melovemealot

She also posted some videos with Post Malone on her TikTok account. And MLMA is straight girl and looks like she also doesn’t have any interest on another girls. So, we can see that this couple both are straight and loving each other.

Breakup with Ashlen Diaz

post malone with ashlen diaz

Ashlen Diaz is a ex-girlfriend of Post Malone and they were on a relationship for more than three years before getting real breakup on 2018.

This couple started to date on early of 2015 when Post Malone met her on a night club which was based on Dallas, Texas.

Where Ashlen was working as a music promoter and from there this couple started to date with each other. Where, Ashlen also helped Malone to reach on a new height of his success.

And it is also believed that the “Deja Vu” is was the motivation of Diaz.

In the interview with The Breakfast Club, Malone also said that “it would be a very difficult to maintain a relationship with his busy schedule”.

Also in some question answer with Post Malone fans, Diaz said that they did break up couple of times and again patch up later. And the Malone career came between Diaz and his relationship.

Which was also the reason of their breakup.

He is Not Gay

Looking over the past incident of Post Malone not we can also figure it out that he is not a gay but a normal straight guy. Who is also facing a problem like us in his daily life as a man.

There is also relationship issue between Malone and Diaz, but still it looks like the reason is not Malone sexuality but it is due to their own problems.

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