Is Paul Hollywood Gay? About His Sexuality

Paul Hollywood

If you are a fan of the British TV baking series called The Great British Bake off, you might know Paul Hollywood. This is the same show where a bunch of home bakers compete against each other trying to impress the judges with their baking skills. This show is culturally a really huge show and it is often credited with starting the whole home baking scene.

The show is quite popular in the great Britain and Paul Hollywood is one reason for it. He is a famous celebrity chef and has reached a new level of fame as well. In one episode of the show, many fans also wondered what Paul’s sexual orientation was because the host of the show Matt Lucas referred to Paul as a “gay man.” This is how the rumor started. So, Is Paul Hollywood really a gay person?

Actually No, he is not. We have more than enough proof about it. Today, we are going to be providing the proof to you but first, let us take a brief look at Paul Hollywood.

Who is Paul Hollywood?

Paul Hollywood is an English celebrity chef as well as a television presenter best known for judging The Great British Bake Off. He has been judging this show since 2010.

Paul was born in 1966 in Wallasey, Cheshire in the United Kingdom. His father had a bakery and this is how he actually started baking. He first worked in his father’s bakery and then in other bakeries around Merseyside.

Eventually, he went on to become head baker for many high profile hotels such as The Dorchester, Cliveden Hotel and Chester Grosvenor and Spa to name a few. He also left for Cyprus where he worked at two resorts.

Paul was baking since a teenager and then worked in international market for a long time. He gained reputation all around the world as an impressive baker before he started appearing in different British TV shows. He made appearances on BBC and iTV.

He has been in the food programming industry for a long time now and he hopes to expand his career in the future.

Paul Hollywood’s Relationship

The prime proof of John not being gay are his various relationships. Currently, Paul is in a serious relation with a woman named Melissa Spalding. Melissa is a 37 year old landlady who works at a local pub. They live together in his $1 million home and have been together since December of 2019.

Marriage with Alex

But way before this relationship, Paul was married to a girl named Alex. Paul and Alex met in 1996 in Cyprus where he began working as the head baker at a 5 star hotel. Alex was a scuba diving instructor there and Hollywood had the habit of scuba diving. The two met there and started dating. They had croissants and champagne whenever they had the chance.

The couple was really happy and then married in 1999. They also had a son together named Josh. Their marriage became the talk of the town when in 2013, paul admitted to having an affair with Marcela Valladolid who was his co-host on The American Baking Competition.

Alex filed for divorce in 2013 on the basis of Adultery and they were officially divorced until she had to reunite with Hollywood. In an interview with BBC Radio 5, Paul described the affair as one his biggest mistake of his life.

After divorce

Paul admitted that he made a really big mistake at that moment and he wants to fix things with Alex. He also said that they were taking things slow and both of them decided to stay together despite divorce being so close. They had 4 more years together but in 2017, the pair officially separated. It is rumored that they were together for their son for 4 years.

Anyway, after this divorce, Paul started dating Summer. They had a very under the radar relation but it blew up when Summer did not sign a NDA. This agreement was made to stop Summer from talking about their relationship but Summer found this to be offensive. So, because of this reason the two had to split.

So, Is Paul Hollywood Gay?

No, He is not gay. As you can see above, he has had a lot of relationships over the years with different women. He has also had a failed marriage so, there is no evidence of anything suggesting that he is a gay person. He is very straight.

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