Is Nasim Pedrad Married? About Her Love Life

Nasim Pedrad

Nasim Pedrad is an American and comedian and she got famous due to her role in the sitcom Chad. Chad was pitched and created by her, later this Sitcom was picked by Fox but it was dropped in August 2016.

As soon as this show was dropped by Fox another company TBS pick it up. And the show was the greatest hit over there the company has already renewed for the second season of this sitcom.

Chad is a very interesting and famous as well as comedy sitcom that is being loved by the world. But in this article, we are going to learn about Nasim Pedrad’s personal life and about her career as well.

Who is Nasim?

Nasim was born on 18 November 1981 and her birthplace was in Iran. Her parents name is Amani and Parviz Pedrad.

When she was born in Iran her father was already living in the United States, but she and her mother was unable to move to the United States due to immigration.

Luckily, later United States Grand the permissions and she was also moved over there at the age of 3. Talking with the media she said that her meeting with her father at the age of 3 was the first time.

She is very proud and happy to consider herself as American but being of Iran origin, there are lots of family members in Tehran who she loves the most. She can speak Farsi and she is also fond of Iranian food.

Talking with Iran Times she said,“Most of my memories start from when I was in the states, but I do want to visit Iran someday. My dad’s side of the family is still in Iran – there are so many cousins I have yet to meet. My parents really encouraged my little sister and I to take Farsi classes when we were little.”

Nasim played an awkward teen boy role in Chad


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Chad is a very interesting sitcom where she had played the role of a young teen boy and this is interesting because in her late 30s she be playing the role of a young teen boy which seems very interesting and funny.

Nasim said, “I wanted to play Middle Easter characters- people – who were funny, nuanced, and flawed, and with relatable flaws. Characters that had the humanity to them.” She also added that she had found several representations of Middle Easterners in the media, but they were “predominantly negative.”

Chad has become a grand hit already and she is happy about it. When she pitched her idea to play the young man role being a late 30s woman, everybody was shocked and confused about whether sign the contract for this show with her not. Some networks also rejected her pitch and some dumped her even after signing with her in a few months.

The network companies also ask Nasim why doesn’t she play the role of mom instead of being a young man on the show. This is ridiculous for the producing companies because she was planning to play the role of a young boy, not even a girl.

But she stick to her decision and this decision was very correct which made her even big star and also Chad is being grand hit day by day.

Nasim Pedrad romantic life

There is only one rumor about Nasim Pedrad’s dating life, where many fans of her guessed if she is dating with her co-star Lamorne Morris.

They were playing the role of the couple on the show and also in the movie named Desperados which fueled more rumors about their relationship life.

When she shared a photo on Instagram with Morris, a follower of her commented, “Can you please be together? Like OMG, the chemistry is intense.” Whereas another commented, “I love watching you guys fall in love.”

Is Nasim Pedrad married?

There is nothing revealed about her married life and we are also excited to know about it. She is a very busy woman and her new sitcom has made her even busier.

Maybe due to her busy schedule, she is finding it hard to continue her romantic life or date with the guy which she might fall in love with.

Also, she is very secretive about her personal life and even if she got married there is little chance that we might know about it. But our research has found that she is still single and there is no Papa a boyfriend of her and she is still to be married.

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