Is Mike Holmes Married? About Contractor Love Life

Mike Holmes

Michael James Holmes is a Canadian television host, businessman, philanthropist, investor, and builder/contractor. In 2003 he started a television series called “Holmes on Holmes” on which he used to visit people’s houses and help and rescue house owners from the renovations that went wrong.

He used to go and uncover serious issues and he along with his team would correct the issues. In this piece of article, we will be looking into Mike’s personal life, his background, and most importantly we will be talking about his relationship status, is he married? is he single or in a relationship? read the article to know the answer.

Early Life & Background

Mike was born on August 3, 1963, in Halton Hills, Ontario, Canada. He learned his craftwork from his father and reports tell that he was taught construction work when he was only 6 years old. He started his own contracting company when he was only 19 years old with a team of 13 employees and he had found his own renovation company when he was 21.

In his 20’s he was running two companies and in 2006 he founded the “The Holmes Foundation” and it was created to promote and encourage skilled trades. Why did he start the foundation? because he saw renovations done very poorly and rather than repairing the defect he decided to tear down the house and renovate from the beginning.

In the same year, he was acknowledged and recognized by the “House of Commons of Canada” because he was a craftsperson of extraordinary skill and an accomplished master builder of social conscience.

Television Career & Series


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In 2003 his series Holmes on Homes was premiered on Corus Entertainment’s HGTV Canada but in 2019 his relation with HIGATV Canada came to an end after he and Bell Media came up with a new deal. . His series first started in 2001 and it was created after Mike went to meet the producers of “Just Ask Jon Eakes” and he showed them few new ideas to make a home improvement show and as his show gained popularity he used to receive hundreds of e-mails from many people asking him for help.

After that, he began different new series like “Holmes in New Orleans, Holmes Inspection, Best of Holmes on Homes, Holmes Makes It Right, Mike’s Ultimate Garage, Holmes and Holmes, Holmes: Buy It Right, Holmes: Next Generation, Holmes Makes Right Retooled, Holmes 911, and Holmes Family Effect.”

Mike Is Divorced

In 1982 Mike was married to a woman named Alexandra Lorex, there is no information on how the two met but they had a happy married life and they also share children together Amanda, Sherry, and Mike Jr. Everything was good until the downturn in his business and it led many issues or problems to his house and eventually Mike and Alexandra got separated after ending their marriage.

Even after the divorce, Mike’s relationship with his children is really good, a matter of fact all three of his children follow his construction business.

His Partner Anna Zappia Helped Him At Tough Times


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As mentioned above Mike’s had his business turndown and he was also facing a lot of problems, he got divorced and his parents also died but his business didn’t fade away and Anna came to help him and supported him to evolve his business and go to television. At first, he was not willing and resisted going to television but after his friends and family told him to give it a shot he went to television.

At first, he had some troubles and difficulties but despite all of that his show Holmes on Homes became majorly famous and was very successful. He said that when he entered construction work or business was to give knowledge and educate house owners and wanted to inspire and encourage teens or young people to enter the construction business or building trades.

He also shared an Instagram post saying the same thing, “No matter what I’m doing on or off the camera, my philosophy is the same: Educate homeowners not just about buying a home but also how to maintain it. Encourage the construction industry to build better, as well as encouraging more people to learn about the trades.”

Even though Mike calls or refers Anna his wife, it is not sure or confirmed that the two of them are married.

How Active is Mike on Social Media

He is pretty much active in most of the social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok. On Facebook, he has 484k followers, on Twitter he has 255.2k followers, On Instagram, he has 155k followers and on TikTok was just a foreign song.

How Much Does Earn? (His Net Worth)

As mentioned above Mike is a construction worker and a businessman, he also has a television series and he himself is and his estimated net worth is around $28 to $800 million.

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