Is Michelle Rodriguez Married?

Michelle Rodriguez

Michelle Rodriguez came into the limelight after she played her role in the Fast & Furious franchise. Her role in the movie as Letty Ortiz was exceptional and praised all over the world.

Her career was boosted from this movie, she draw close to her co-star Vin Diesel in the movie but this made to think many fans of Fast & Furious that this couple is dating in real life as well.

We will learn in detail about Michelle’s personal life which is also very private and little known to the world compare to her professional life. A lot of time her fans have asked and searched about her marriage as well as about love life.

Who is Michelle Rodriguez?

Michelle was born on July 12 1978 and her parent’s name is Carmen and Rafael Rodriguez.

She started her acting career in 1995 when she first appeared in the movie named what’s love go to do with. In the movie, she played the role of Tina Turner and it was loved by all the watchers.

Her acting skills were so good that she landed another project in the same year where she played the role of Leticia in Peter Jackson’s Romeo + Juliet.

Besides this, she has also linked her name with some of the finest actors in the world like Vin Diesel, sportsman David Beckham, and even Soulja boy.

Love life


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Talking about her current marriage life she is not married to anyone by now.

But lots of people have started to search about her family life and about her marriage life this is because she was married to Ojani Noa in 1997 but as soon as they got married they divorced just two years later in 1999.

They also share the reasons for the separations where they said that their vision was not the same and it was the cause of their divorce.

This actress has dated a guy named Olivier Martinez in a past as per some media source. But she denied all the claims about her relationship with Olivier and she said they are just friend nothing more.

Later, she was rumored to be dating Lenny Kravitz and girl Kristina Loken. As soon as the rumor spread about her dating Kristina many fans of her started to think if she is a lesbian or bisexual.

Michelle has also dated English actress Cara Delevingne where the pair was also sounded to be a very close and fruitful relationship and they were also about to get married. But sadly, the relationship was also ended very soon than expected.

Michelle sexuality is bisexual

As soon as the rumor about her sexuality began to spread like a fire. Later she also expressed her sexuality while interviewing with entertainment weekly and said she is bisexual.

In an interview, she also said that she right dating both of the gender male and female but as per her both of them are irritating and limited.

Before she was known as bisexual everybody thought that she was a lesbian due to her dating BloodRayne co-star Kristianna Loken. After some year in a red carpet event, she was asked if she is lesbian but she said, “Michi likes sausage.”

Why Michelle has not married till now

While interviewing with Milla Jovovich she opened up about her personal life and talked a lot about her desires a well.

And the interesting thing she said was staying in a relationship with a person for more than six months is very irritating for her.

From this interview, we can easily guess that she loves to stay single. Mila also added if she wants a baby and then she replied, “I’m a lone wolf. I run by myself on most things. I’ve got lots of really great friends, but the thought of being in a long-lasting relationship? Psh, I couldn’t last more than six months with somebody.”

She has turned down Muslim wedding

Once she was in her relationship with a guy who was a Muslim both of them were very close and they were also very close to getting married.

In the interview, she said that she was proposed to by a Muslim boyfriend but she dumped married due to strict laws and conditions.

She said, “He was like: ‘I want you to marry me and I want you to cover your body and show nothing but your eyes.’ The attitude was that my body was for his pleasure alone and he was very demanding. I finally said: ‘Sorry, no one rules me. I rule myself.'”

She wants to be a mother

Want to stay single and get bored within 6 months of a relationship but still, she wants to be a mother.

In the interview, she said, “You might get lucky enough to find that unconditional love in a friend or a lover, but it’s very rare. So if I ever have a kid, it’d be so that I could look in those eyes and know that this child is a piece of me and will love me the same way I love, but I think that’s selfish of me.”

And she has also planned about the baby already an interview with Mila she was asked when are you going to have a baby. Her answer was “I cherish what you do—having kids—but don’t leave that shit to me. I’ll get a surrogate.”

Michelle loves private life

Michelle has been living secret always from as soon as she came into the limelight. A lot of celebrities are open about their life but she is always been secretive and it looks like she enjoys this as well.

She said, “I’ve always been and will always be very private about my personal life. If anything ever goes public, it is by default, because I happened to be in a place where I was being watched.”

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