Is Michael Strahan Gay? (Who is his Partner)

Michael Strahan
March 16, 2020 Michael Strahan at Good Morning America in New York .March 16, 2020. Credit: RW/MediaPunch /IPX

Michael Strahan is an American TV personality, Journalist as well as a former pro football player from America. He was a defensive player and he spent most of his career playing for the New York Giants in the NFL. He has set records and has had a really good career with the giants. And he even Giants win the Super Bowl in 2007. After his career in the NFL ended, he became a media personality for Football.

How was Michael’s Childhood?

Strahan was born in Houston in 1971. He is the youngest child of six children, Michael’s parents are Louise Strahan who used to be a basketball coach and Gene Strahan who was a retired Army Major as well as boxer. In addition to this, he is the nephew of the retired NFL player Art Strahan.

He had a very unique childhood. At just the age of 9, he had to move to Mannheim in West Germany because his family moved to an army post there. Strahan also did not play football when he was child. He started actually playing from his senior year at High School. He went to Mannheim American High School and played as a linebacker for Mannheim Bison in ’85.

When he was in high school, Michael went to his uncle in Houston and attended the Westbury High School to play 1 season and that got him a Scholarship at Texas Southern University. He then went back to Germany for a bit completed his studies at the Mannheim School.

Is Michael Strahan Gay?

Based on his previous relationships and his overall orientation, nothing suggests that the former Giants legend is a gay person. There have been many rumors about it though and we can understand why many people might think Michael is gay. But No, he is not. We can say that Michael is extremely straight all things considered!

What Started the gay rumors?

In 2011, Michael Strahan and his partner at the time Nicole Murphy recorded and published a video. This was the video made for New York’s Marriage Equality campaign. Michael was actually one of the few black athletes that supported this idea of marriage equality and same-gender marriage. And this was the reason why many people actually considered Michael gay. This assessment is very dumb but it was there nonetheless!

When interviewers asked about the campaign, Strahan told the New York Times that he doesn’t care if his views make someone uncomfortable. He supported equality and human rights so, he wanted to show his support via the campaign.

Wife Accuses Michael of Being Gay

There was a time when Michael’s former wife accused her husband of cheating on her. And the funny thing is, she said that he was having an affair with another man. The blame went to the famous doctor Ian Smith. But we don’t know if this is true or not as the claim was done during their divorce proceedings. It was jean who made this accusation.

She said that Michael even moved to Ian’s one-bed apartment. This alternative lifestyle was one of the reasons why the divorce happened (according to Michael’s wife). But nothing came of it and it was quickly written off as a false claim. Michael’s entire team denied this and so did his attorney. Even Smith, who was accused of it made it clear that he did not have any relations with Michael.

It was quite a mess because even Jean’s lawyer did not push this claim that much and he actually backed away from this argument.

Personal Life and Relationships

After graduating from Texas Southern University, Michael Started his career.  His uncle was a big inspiration as he was he defensive lineman for teams such as Houston and Atlanta in the late 60s. Anyway, it is also a known fact that Michael has some Anglo-Saxon ancestry that goes directly back to Charlemagne.

Michael’s first wife is Wanda Hutchins who he married for 4 years. She is a designer and a decorator as well. With Wanda, Michael has a daughter named Tanita and a son named Michael Jr. When he got married, Michael bought a house in Houstan for around 200,000$ and then moved his whole family there. 

But this relationship did not last and it ended in a divorce. After this, Strahan married Jean Muggli in 1999. They had two daughters together and they lived in Manhattan, New York. This was the time when Michael played for the Giants.

They had their own problems so, they also split in the year 2006. The divorce cost Michael a lot of money. He ended up paying more than 15 million dollars for it which is insane! Even the mansion they had on New Jersey was split between the two. This made Michael really depressed as he lost everything  (including his hard earned money) in the divorce. 

But this did not stop Michael from being in relationships. Strahan got engaged to Nicole Mitchell but he did not marry this time.

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  1. Is anyone else sick and tired of seeing Michael Strahan’s gapped teeth face everywhere??? Everytime I turn on the TV , there he is!! I wish they had left him in space.

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