Is Marie Yovanovitch Married?

Marie Yovanovitch

Marie Yovanovitch is a famous author. She has written several books including The Girl Who Wrote in Silk and The Swan Gondola. Recently, there have been rumors that she married her longtime partner, Christopher Benfey. Let’s see if that rumor holds up. We are going to discuss whether or not Marie Yovanovitch is married by examining previous relationships as well as looking at the evidence available online!

Marie’s Relationship with Chris

Marie Yovanovitch has been in a long-time relationship with Chris Benfey for well over two decades. The couple is believed to have first met sometime in the 1990s when she worked as an assistant editor at his publishing company, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt.

The author of “A Cultural History of Food in America” and professor at Barnard College, where he teaches English literature and creative writing, Marie’s partner often speaks about her publicly despite having their personal life very private. He once told Business Insider that it was important to him because they are so rarely photographed together but also because “I get really tired hearing people say things like I can’t be with my partner because I’m writing and people will think I’m not serious.

Who is Chris Benfey?

Chris Benfey is an American author, editor and professor of English at Barnard College. He has published a number of scholarly works on the history of food in America as well as literary criticism, poetry and translations from French. He was selected to deliver the Witherspoon Lectures for 2015-2016 at Princeton Theological Seminary entitled “Sacrifice: A Religious History.”

His most recent publication (with Alexander Nemerov) is Russian Modernism: New Perspectives on Central Art and Literature 1900-1940 which he coauthored with Alexander Nemerov, Associate Professor of Comparative Literature.

Is Marie Yovanovitch married?

Marie Yovanovitch was not married despite being in a long term relationship with Chris. Her partner, Chris Benfey has been a long-time collaborator and the two have collaborated in many different projects together including The Girl Who Wrote in Silk and Swan Gondola. It does seem that they are still very much to each other as it was Christopher who proposed with a blue moonstone ring.

The two have been together for about twenty years and they likely first met in the early 1990s, when Marie was an assistant editor at Houghton Mifflin Harcourt publishing house. The company is where Chris was working as a literary agent during that time period so it stands to reason why their paths would cross! However, there are many people who say that she married someone else before Christopher Benfey but we will come back to this later on in our post.

Life and Career

Marie Yovanovitch was born on January 31st, 1954 in Chicago to a family of Bulgarian immigrants. She went to school and obtained her degree from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign before getting an MFA from Brown University. Marie wrote many books during her career as an author including “The Language Archive”, “Bird in the Tree: A Memoir”, and “The Secret Language of Sisters”.

Marie Yovanovitch has been married three times in total during her life and is survived by two children from a previous marriage; she also had one daughter with partner Joe Hill, who was born after Marie’s cancer diagnosis. She moved back to Chicago where she grew up upon hearing of her diagnosis with ovarian cancer – reportedly not telling many friends about it or seeking treatment for it until 2009 because of worries that it would affect their lives too much if they knew.

Was Marie ever married?

Although she never got married, it’s possible that she simply doesn’t have a spouse to mention or maybe they were both divorced. There was also at least one woman by the name of Roxanne who bore some resemblance to Marie Yovanovitch during her career as an author (but we can’t confirm if this person really is Marie).

In conclusion, there is nothing saying whether or not Marie was ever married. If so then it would be classified as private information which nobody has access too besides the close family.

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