Is Marie Yovanovitch Married?

Marie Yovanovitch

Marie Louise “Masha” Yovanovitch who is popularly known as Marie Yovanovitch is the United States Foreign Service’s senior member and American diplomat. Before becoming the senior member of the United States Foreign Service she used to serve as a senior counselor or advisor of Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs.

She also served as the U.S. Ambassador to Kyrgyzstan and U.S. Ambassador to Armenia, also, she was the deputy assistant secretary of the Bureau of European and Eurasian Affairs and Ambassador to Ukraine.

In this piece of article, we will get to know more about Marie Yovanovitch and we will also talk about if she is married or not, so let’s get started.

Short Biography of Marie Yovanovitch


Marie was born on November 11, 1958, in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, to Mikhail Yovanovitch and Nadia Theokritoff Yovanovitch. Three years after she was born her family moved to Connecticut from Canada and after she was eighteen got an American nationality and citizenship.

She went to Kent School as her parents were language teachers at school and in 1976 she graduated from there and after that, she enrolled in Princeton University and she graduated with a bachelor’s degree in arts in 1980. She was also gifted or given a degree of masters in science by the National Defense University’s National War College in 2001.

Her parents Mikhail and Nadia were originally from Ukraine but they moved to Canada to flee from the Soviet Union and moved to Connecticut from Canada to escape from Nazis.

Is She Married or Single?

No, Marie is not married or has never been married to anyone and as she is not married and does not have a husband, she also does not have any children. There is no information if she is dating someone or not so let’s just say that she is currently single and she is constantly looking for opportunities.

During four presidential administrations, she has worked for the United States government and as mentioned she has served as a senior counselor or advisor of Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs and Ambassador to Armenia and Kyrgyzstan and she has spoken about serving in various countries, she said to CNN Politics that it was hard for her as she had to move thirteen times to seven countries and we can also imagine how hard it might have been for her.

Her Mother Grew Up in Germany

marie speech

As mentioned her parents moved to Canada to escape or flee from the Nazis which Marie herself said in her opening speech or hearing, she said, “Thanks to this country, my family and I are thankful for all it has done for us. Due to their age, my late parents never enjoyed the freedom of a free society. After fleeing the Soviet Union, my father eventually sought refuge in the United States. My mother grew up stateless in Nazi Germany after her family fled the USSR after the Bolshevik revolution. Eventually, she emigrated to the United States. Having witnessed both their personal histories and mine allowed me both great gratitude and great empathy towards those who want to be free, such as the Ukrainians.”

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