Is ‘Heartstopper’ Actor Kit Connor Gay? Let’s Find Out

Kit Connor

About a month ago, Netflix released a British coming-of-age romantic comedy streaming television series titled Heartstopper which is a hopeful story about the LGBTQ+ community. Kit Connor portrays the role of Nick Nelson who is a rugby star and the friend of a gay Charlie Spring (played by Joe Locke).

Their friendship slowly blossoms into a romantic connection and Connor quickly becomes a queer fan favorite for his role. Initially, Nick starts out as a heterosexual male but he starts questioning his sexuality as he gets closer to Charlie.

In the first season of the series, his character comes out as bisexual to his mother Olivia Colman in an incredibly moving scene and since then many fans have been wondering about his sexuality and have begun speculating whether he would do the same in real life.

There are several engaging storylines that mainly include Connor’s character due to his journey of self-discovery and struggle to build a relationship with Charlie. As a result, he is quickly becoming a queer fan favorite for his role. Now, let’s discuss his sexuality and his relationship with his co-star in the next subheadings of this article.

Kit Connor and Joe Locke

What is his relationship with his co-star Joe Locke?

Like most of the time, some excited fans always link co-stars, especially if their onscreen narratives involve romance. Similarly, Connor and Locke were also linked together and fans hoped that the young duo has a real-life relationship.

However, Connor has told Them that his bond with his co-star depended on their characters exploring their feelings for each other. He told, “It was instant. What can we say? It was an immediate connection that we shared. In a sense, as these characters got to know each other, we as actors and as people got to know each other. We slowly but surely actually started to like each other.”

Conor further explains that his relationship with Locke isn’t romantic but rather they are close friends. He explained by saying, “The way that Joe and I will banter with each other is very much taking the mick out of each other, and that’s not really how Nick and Charlie joke with each other. Joe and I are really good friends and it’s always a pleasure to share the screen with him.”

So, we can say that the two actors just acted out their scenes and there wasn’t something going on between them. There were some intimate scenes in the series as well but Joe’s culinary preferences ruined the intimate scenes. Because Joe used to have coffee every morning before a shoot which made Connor considerable discomfort during kissing scenes.

He told Attitude Magazine, “It did mean there were a couple of kissing scenes where I was punished deeply. That was difficult for me. Maybe next time I should eat an egg sandwich or something like that before. Payback!”

To conclude, Connor and Locke are close friends but they aren’t intimate in real life like what we saw in the series. 

Is Kit Connor Gay?

In recent years, many Production companies have shown an increasing illness to cast queers actors for queer roles. Based on this trend, we can speculate that Connor might be a member of the LGBTQ+ community.

Connor has responded to the rumors about his sexuality in a tweet in May 2022. He tweeted, “Twitter is so funny man. apparently, some people on here know my sexuality better than I do…”

You can view his tweet down below.

Furthermore, his co-star Locke also defended Connor’s right to keep his sexuality secret in an interview with Attitude in May 2022. In the interview, he said that he thinks people ask questions but it doesn’t give them a right to know everything about everyone’s private life.

He added, “When someone’s in the public eye some people assume that they’re OK with their private lives being public. Just because you’re in something doesn’t mean you want your life spread around the Internet.”

Conor also told The Times that he strongly feels that he has no obligation to speak about his sexuality to the public. He added, “I am comfortable and confident in it, but it is a very private matter.”

As Connor has decided to go public as he wants his sexuality to be private, we can’t say for sure if he is gay or straight. We might have to wait for some time till we find more info about his sexuality. 

Connor commended Heartstopper

Lately, the B in LGBTQ+ rarely got explored onscreen despite forming a large portion of the queer community. However, Netflix’s Heartstopper has finally stopped the trend through its narration of Nick’s story.

Connor appreciates the series’ exploration of bisexual experiences and told Metro, “I think male bisexuality is even less represented [than female or non-binary]. And I think that’s really special, going into great detail about his journey as a character and his mental struggle. It’s a real honor to be able to play Nick because it’s such an underrepresented kind of character, really.”

Furthermore, he has also commended the series for its representation of bisexuality in men in Nick’s storyline. He told, “There is not much male bisexual representation, so I think it is really important that he is bi and that we really go into great detail and depth about Nick’s discovery of his sexuality and identity.”

He has also revealed the reason behind his attraction to Nick’s bisexuality to Untitled Magazine. Connor told, There are so many things that attracted me to playing Nick Nelson, it came about via my agent. It was a self-tape and they’d sent through the first volume of Heartstopper [the graphic novel] and I read it and thought it was great.”

Connor also said that there isn’t much bisexuality representation [in media], especially males, but in Heartsopper it goes into quite a bit of depth. He added, “That was something new and fresh that I didn’t think had really been done before.”

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