Is Kevin Chamberlin Gay?

kevin chamberlin

Kevin Chamberlin is one of the successful American actor who has played in movies like The Addams Family, Road to perdition, Seussical many more.

With his work, this man has also received about three Tony awards nominations and a Three Desk award for his theatre works.

Kevin started his career after making his debut in 1991 by starring in the TV series named Reading Rainbow. Besides, this he has also directed television series titled Jessie.

Anyway, in this piece of content, we will look into the life of this famous American actor personal life and we will also find the answer about his sexuality as well as about his famous I am married tweet.

He dated a television writer in 2010

In an interview with Windy City Times, Chamberlin admitted that he was once in a relationship with a partner who was also a television writer back in 2010.

Talking with the Windy Times he said, “Los Angeles is not a big theatre town per se. My partner is a television writer so he is doing really well out there. We have switched gears; I was the breadwinner in New York and now he is the breadwinner out there.”

From this, we can find out he was in a relationship with a guy whose personality is still unknown.

Is Kevin Chamberlin Gay?

Yes, Kevin Chamberlin is gay and he is open about it as well. He has revealed his identity long ago and also said that he is very proud to mention himself as gay.

Before his incident many fans and well-wishers of him were confused about his sexuality but later he made it clear.

Chamberlin’s “I’m Happily Married” Tweet

In 2015, Kevin made everyone surprised by his tweet because I’m Happily married and many were starting to search about his spouse. But the tweet that he made was a part of the celebration because Supreme Court’s decision to legalize same-sex marriage in the United States.

But besides this, he has revealed nothing about his married life and also about his affairs.

He has Played A Gay Role in ‘The Ritz’

Kevin has played the role of gay in a movie named “The Ritz” which was released in 1976.

Some of his movie works are Die Hard With a VengeanceRoad to PerditionTaking WoodstockSuspect ZeroChristmas With the Kranks.


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By now he loves to talk openly about gay and he has been a long supporter of LGBTQ+ society.

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