Is Kathy Hilton Still Married?

Kathy Hilton

If you have watched the American reality television series “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” then you must have heard about Kathy Hilton. The one thing you might remember about the Hiltons is that their lives are always a show of extreme extravagance.

Many people were awed by her life when The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills decided to include Kathy in its cast because no one was prepared for what they saw within the family’s property since extreme wealth, extravagance, and charm were mixed. If you are wondering if she is still married then you are in the right place because we will tell you everything you need to know about her relationship in this article.

But first, let’s get to know more about Kathy Hilton.

Who is Kathy Hilton?

Kathy‘s full name is Kathleen Elizabeth Hilton (neé Avanzino; formerly Richards). She was born on 13th March 1959 and she is a socialite, fashion designer, and television personality. Kathy is also the half-sister of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills stars Kyle Richards and Kim Richards.

She is the daughter of Larry Avanzino and Kathleen Marry and she is well educated as she graduated from Montclair College Preparatory School in Los Angeles. In school, she became best friends with Michael Jackson and they remained close friends until he died in 2009.

Furthermore, she is one of the wealthiest members of the show as her estimated net worth is hundreds of millions of dollars. She had said that the only reason why she joined the television series was to spend more time with her half-siblings as the income she made from appearing in the show does not affect her bank balance. Kathy also said that she preferred to be seen as a friend to other cast members so she was not intent on appearing as a main cast member.

She is still alive and living at the age of 63 and has lived a good life longer than most people can remember. Now let’s talk about whether she is still married or not in the next subheading.

Is Kathy Hilton still married?

As you might have already known, Kathy got married to Richard Hilton five years after quitting acting on 24th November 1979 when she was just 20 years old. The couple hasn’t shared the details about their wedding ceremony and marriage with the public yet but Kathy has shared a picture of her beautiful wedding dress and flower crown on social media.

Talking about her husband, he is a businessman who is the chairman and co-founder of a company that deals in real estate brokerage called Hilton & Hayland. The company sells homes, properties, and estates in various parts of the country and it is located in Beverly Hills.

However, her husband does not appear on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills even though he appeared in pictures interacting with people like former US President Donald J. Trump and Prince Edward. Kathy also stopped acting when she married Richard but since then the couple has led to the birth of a fashion designer, a socialite, contributed to reality TV, created the Hilton chain of hotels, and made many headlines.

Their relationship is still going strong despite being married for 42 years and the couple resides in Bel Air, Los Angeles. 

Kathy and Richard HIlton

Kathy promised herself that she was gonna have a wonderful marriage

Recently, Kathy has shared her thoughts and explained how she manifested her 42-year-long marriage in an interview on The Real.

In the interview, she explained that she grew up with divorced parents, and it was something that has always bothered her for many years. As a result, she made sure that when she grew up, she would do anything to prevent the same fate as her parents.

She told on The Real, “I always promised myself that I was gonna make sure that I was gonna have a wonderful marriage and really take care of and nurture that marriage.” Furthermore, she also explained how she manifested that by saying, “you visualize, and you make happen. your thoughts are really powerful.”

You can watch the clip down below.

Does she have any children?

Kathy and Richard have altogether four children. They welcomed their eldest daughter Paris Hilton on 17th February 1981. Paris is quite famous like her mother and she is a socialite, businesswoman, model, singer, DJ, and actress.

After Paris, they welcomed another daughter, namely Nicky Hilton, on 5th October 1983. Just like her sister, she is also a businesswoman, socialite, model, and fashion designer.

The couple has welcomed other two children as well, Barron Nicholas Hilton II in 1989 and Conrad Hughes Hilton III in 1994.

Kathy also has two grandchildren through her daughter Nicky and her husband James Rothschild. Her first grandchild’s name is Lily Grace Victoria Rothschild and she was born in 2016. Her second grandchild’s name is Teddy Marilyn Rothschild and she was born in 2017.

Additionally, Kathy has a third grandson through her son Barron with his wife Tessa. Her third grandchild’s name is Milou Alizée Hilton who was born in 2020.

Kathy’s mother didn’t want her daughter to get married to bad boys so she ensured that they needed to get married into wealthy families. Luckily, her mother’s wish came true since it is reported that she once stated, “My daughters are married to men who have a total net worth of $13 billion.”

Unfortunately, Kathy’s mother didn’t live long enough to see one of her grandchildren getting married to a family that is linked to a vast amount of wealth, Rothchild.

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