Is Josh Groban Married? About His Love Life

Josh Groban

Joshua Winslow Groban is one of the music legends who was born in Los Angeles, California in the United States. Besides music, he is also an actor who has played in many movies and T.V. series. His solo albums have been certified as multi-platinum also in 2007 it was charted that Josh is the number one best-selling music artist in America. “You Raise Me Up” is one of his greatest hits which has 116 million views on YouTube which shows how great of an artist he is.

Josh is known for his angelic voice, he started singing since he was in seventh grade. When he was 16 years old he was introduced to David Foster a Grammy-winning producer and arranger by his coach so Josh started working as a rehearsal singer for David Foster. After he recorded the song for always with Lara Fabian in the movie Artificial Intelligence 2001, he released his album in November of 2001 which took him towards the stairs of success.

Josh has also played in many movies and series. His first appearance was in a series Ally Mcbeal an American legal comedy-drama T.V. series, he played the role of Malcolm Wyatt (2001), and in an American comedy music drama series he appeared as a guest on the series himself.

Groban has many fans around the world and his albums have been sold more than 30 million copies worldwide. He also entertains his fans with energetic live performances, Josh has his official website where you can buy his featured merch, and also you can find news related to Josh Groban on his site like where he will be performing next. In the year 2002 Groban was the new best-selling artist. He can also sing and perform opera and classical songs in other languages like Spanish, Italian, and French.

Is Josh Groban Married?

No, the famous opera singer is not married yet. As mentioned above he has dated and been together with many women but he has not married anyone of them. Currently, Josh is in a relationship with an actress, writer, and producer Schuyler let’s hope their relation does not end like his other relations and they get married.

Josh’s Longest Relation (Josh & January):

Josh Groban and American actress January Jones started dating in 2003 and their relationship ended in 2006, Josh stated after years of their breakup that “we were madly in love”, in March 2006 they were seen together at the 14th annual Elton John Academy Awards viewing party in March. Josh also revealed that even after splitting up they vowed to remain friends.

Madman, X-men actress January is now a mother of a son who is named Xander, she joked about Bradley Cooper being Xander’s father but the fact of who his father really is yet to be public.

Josh & Katy Perry

Josh and Katy Perry were together in 2009, both appeared together in some red carpet events. Katy Perry was in a live stream with James Corden and she stated that her song “The One That Got Away” is about Josh Groban. Similarly, in watch what happens live with Andy Cohen Josh was asked whether if he and Katy were dating or not which he replied by saying “well, we did and we were very private so we realized we were better as friends”.

Josh & April Bowlby

Josh and April started dating in November 2009 and they broke up in March 2010. We don’t really know more details about them as they were seen together rarely. The 40 years old actress was married to writer-director Matthew Cooke in December 2020.

Josh & Selma

This is not a piece of confirmed news but in 2010 Josh Groban and Hell Boy actress Selma Blair were rumored to be dating as they were seen together exiting a movie hall in California. That was the only time Josh & Selma were seen together. Also, the Hell Boy actress was in a relationship with fashion designer Jason Bleick they ended their relation in September 2012.

Josh & Michelle Trachtenberg

In 2011 Josh Groban and Michelle Trachtenberg were seen together in a restaurant, rumor was that the opera singer and American actress Michelle were in a relationship but they were not seen together much after that. 17 again actress twitted about the opera singer who later responded to the tweet.

Josh Groban & Kat Dennings

Kat Dennings and Josh Groban

Josh and the Thor actress Kat started dating publicly in October 2014 they were together till 2016 July. After a few years of dating both decided to separate mutually. They are still friends and care about each other but it is not the right time for them to be together (E! News).

Josh & Schuyler

Schuyler Helford And Josh Groban

Josh and Schuyler were seen holding each other’s hands in 2018. Schuyler Helford is an actress, along with writer, and producer. They are now together for 3 years and they were seen together in public. They spent a lot of time together watching Netflix taking long walks which make their relation more strong than ever.

About Groban’s Family

Joshua Winslow Groban is the eldest son of Jack and Lindy Groban. Josh has a brother named Chris Groban who is a film editor he has worked on few films like Express 831 and Another day. Josh’s father is Jewish and his mother has a mixed ethnicity from English, German, Norwegian, and Jewish. His mother is a former visual arts teacher. After marrying Lindy Josh’s father converted from Judaism to Christianity. Josh’s father is a very good pianist so he came to play piano from his father. He was not interested in singing in his early days as he only joined the vocal classes only cause all the other children were going to the vocal class.

That is all we know about one of the beloved pop singers Josh Groban hope this blog post helped you clear your questions about him. We share this kind of information on our website so if you’re looking for any other topic like Groban’s then you might find that on our website. Also thank you all for reading our blog posts and supporting us we really appreciate all your support and lastly, everyone in this hard time we need to be strong let’s pray for suffering countries and take care of yourself and your loved ones.

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