Is Jennifer Love Hewitt from 9-1-1 Actually Pregnant?

Jennifer Love Hewitt from 9 1 1

9-1-1 is an action TV series that revolves around the lives of first responders in the LA. Jennifer Love Hewitt joined the show as Maddie Buckley in it’s second season. She is the sister of Evan Buckley and she eventually falls for a fire fighter.

In the finale of the third season, Maddie tells Chimney that she is pregnant with the child of the firefighter. They are excited to become excited and this new development in the story sets up the fourth season’s sub plots. This pregnancy story line was so well done that fans actually started to believe that she was actually pregnant. So, What is the catch here? Is she pregnant in the show for real? Let us find out. But first, let us see who exactly Jennifer Love Hewitt is. A lot of young people might not know her.

Who is Jennifer Love Hewitt?

Jennifer is an American actress, producer as well as a singer. She began her career as a child actress and a singer. She had roles in different National level TV commercials before landing a debut role when she was casted in Disney’s Kids Incorporated.

Her first break came on the teen drama titled Party of Five which was on Fox. But she actually became famous when she did the role in the horror films like “I know What You Did Last Summer” and “Can’t Hardly Wait.”

Over the years, her career has taken off and she has done other notable films such as Heartbreakers, The Tuxedo, Garfield’s Live Action and more.

In the TV series lane, she has appeared in the CBS supernatural drama Ghost Whisperer as well as the series The Client List. You can also watch her in Criminal Minds. Since 2018 though, she has been doing the Fox show 9-1-1.

Hewitt also has a really good music career. She actually has around 4 studio albums released which is huge. Her first album was titled Love Songs and it was released when she was at the age of 12. Later she recorded albums like Let’s go Bang, Jennifer Love Hewitt (the self titled album that came out in ’96) and Barenaked.

Barenaked was released in 2002 and this actually became her first album to chart in the Billboard 100. She had a single titled “How Do I Deal” which became successful on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. Since then, she has not really done any music though. She has made appearances in several magazines though!

Is 9-1-1’s Jennifer Love Hewitt Pregnant?

No, Jennifer Love Hewitt was only playing the role of a pregnant woman in the show. She played it for a big portion of Season Four. Maddie gave birth to the child in the 9th episode of this season after a long nine months. The actress was wearing a handmade false belly while the pregnancy scenes were being filmed.

She said that she kind of loved the weighted belly as it helped her get into the character better. The scene was well done and if you are like us and you also got confused, it’s fine. You are not the only one! The scene was perfect along with Hewitt’s acting and her dedication to the role.

In an interview in 2021, Hewitt admitted to the scene being pretty hard. She said,  “It was pretty exhausting. I broke little capillaries in my face, and I had a sore throat the next day. I could barely talk. I literally laid in bed the entire next day after filming this!”

She also later admitted that the real life experience of giving birth is actually pretty different than acting it out. She has had two children and she had to push two times to give birth. While shooting the sequence, she was required to push for more than nine hours to get everything right and this she thought was exhausting. While the scene might have took time and real effort to complete, it did manage to confuse the viewers and that is the beauty of it.

Will She be pregnant again in the Show?

In the third season, it was hinted that Maddie could be pregnant again. But it was later just a discussion about the kids.

In real life though, Hewitt is married to Brian Hallisay. The two married in 2014 and have been together since. They have had two children, two boys named Autumn and Atticus.  The two are even co-stars in 9-1-1. Brian plays the role of Maddie’s abusive husband in the show.

There have been no reports of Hewitt being pregnant again in the show, there is still a lot of 9-1-1 to come in the future. While it may not happen immediately, we cannot really overlook the possibility.

There can be a pretty good storyline there that can be done with them so, let us see what the future brings for this show.

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