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Is Jeff Bezos Jewish?



Jeff Bezos

Amazon’s founder and the richest man in the world, Jeff Bezos is quite a mysterious personality. He has been in the spotlight for quite sometime now and people have wondered whether Jeff is Jewish or not. This is the article where we will answer this very question.

It is not really clear whether Bezos is Jewish though. He hasn’t mentioned his religion and faith on his interviews and books. He never mentions it.  While there has been a lot of people trying to find the evidence of him being catholic, there is no concrete proof of that.

Did Jeff Bezos have catholic father?

Well, it is a bit tricky to answer this question. See Bezos was born in the year 1964 to mother Jacklyn Gise and his biological father was Jeffrey Jorgensen. “Biological” in a sense that for the most part of his life, Bezos was raised by his step father.

Jeff’s biological parents got a divorce when he was 17 months old and his mother later married to Miguel Bezos who adopted Jeff and gave him his last name. Jeff was 4 years old when Mike became his Step father.

So, the thing is, Mike was raised in the Roman Catholic church and he later immigrated to the United States through a catholic program. He was quickly put in a Catholic home group and even attended the University of Albuquerque in New Mexico which is a catholic school.

After he graduated, Mike married Jeff’s mother in Albuquerque’s Church. This is the reason why people think that Mike’s stepson Jeff Bezos might also be a catholic but he might not be raised to be one though.

Did Jeff Bezos have a religious wedding?

It is believed that Bezos’ former wife had more of a religious childhood. MacKenzie is a devout Catholic and she got married to Bezos in the year 1993. They got recently divorced after 25 years together.

Both of Mackenzie’s parents are an active member of the catholic community in Florida and they raised their daughter to be a catholic as well.

We have also evidence shows that Jeff and his former wife were married by a minister from the Old Catholic church. This might be because of the way she was brought up. And this has also major misconception

Jeff Bezos’ Charities

We all know that Jeff Bezos is a really rich person. He is the owner of many companies such as Whole Foods, IMDB, Goodreads and even Amazon. Because he has so much money, Jeff also donates a good chunk of his fortune.

In the year 2018, he donated almost 100 million to 24 different organizations and 5 of these organizations were Christian Church. But this still doesn’t mean that he is a Christian though.

So, Is Jeff Bezos Jewish?

Well, all the evidence and research does point to the fact that he is a catholic and hell, he was even attacked online for being a Jew. But, it seems like that is not the case. Bezos was criticized for his publication The Washington Post for investigating Saudi Arabia’s cases of human rights.

There were many tweets and online posts that were written by the Saudis against Bezos and most of these post referred to him as a “Jew.” So, this is yet another reason why people believe him to be Jewish.

Bezos, on the other hand is as calm as water at this situation and he has never really confirmed or denied his religion. He displays a secular image and he might have done it to protect himself from anti-Semitism

It is also possible that despite being raised in faith, Bezos might be an atheist in real life. Who Knows? Unless Bezos himself confirms it, we can only speculate!

While Christianity is definitely the largest religion in the world and In United States, more than 70% people are Christians. But there are still a major chunk of atheists as well. Almost 16% people in America identify themselves to be atheists. So, Bezos could also be a part of that group.

Religion and faith is a very tricky subject and most big celebrities try to stay away from it. Bezos is one such person. He always ducks the question targeted towards his faith and he is uncomfortable to speak about it in public. So, we do not know if he Jewish or not. Also, nothing is mentioned in his Autobiography so, we could literally never know about his faith.

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